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18 Democratic Senators Hope to Delay Implementation of Obamacare Tax Because It’s Too Expensive.

December 13, 2012 Leave a comment

“So Nash, my husband has convinced me that Obamacare’s not that bad.  I mean, it’s just like Romneycare and you supported Mittens.”  For the record, I would have supported a tin can in a race against Barry, and Romney had a slightly higher body temperature than a tin can.  That being said, there are differences between the two laws.  First, Romneycare only affected one state, not the entire country, and the last time I looked, we’re a country of Federalism, where states have rights that the federal govt. doesn’t have.  Second, and more important from a practical standpoint is Romneycare doesn’t have (as many) business destroying taxes and that whole death panel thing (which is actually real by the way.  It’s in the friggin’ bill.  Read it).

In fact, Obamacare is such a destructive force in terms of costs that it may never be fully implemented.  Don’t believe me?  So far, approximately 2,000 waivers have been handed out by Health and Human Services.  The waivers keep their recipients from having to comply with the dictates of Obamacare, which allows them to save money.  See, mandating health insurance is really really expensive, and as a result, it increases costs on individuals and businesses in various ways.  We conservatives have said for a long time that we don’t want to pay for it, and neither will anyone else.  Liberals laughed at us and called us names, because, well, that’s what liberals do.  As usual, the reality of money has come home to roost.

Minnesota’s two senators sought Monday to delay a tax on medical devices that was expected to add $28 billion over the next decade to help pay for health care reform.

Those two senators, one of whom is none other than Al “how the hell did I fall into this gig” Franken, are Dems who voted for Obamacare.  One of the many tax increases contained within the law directly affects the cost of doing business for manufacturers of medical equipment.  Apparently Minnesota has some of those.  But it isn’t just two Dem Senators who want this part of the law repealed; there are 18 of them.

Repeal is the ultimate goal of the letter’s 18 signers, including Klobuchar, Franken and all the heavy hitters in the Senate Democratic leadership.

This is so typical.  They create these social welfare programs that are so full of compassion, tolerance, and social justice-y goodness that they’re guaranteed to improve the lives of women, gays, blacks, illegals, transgenders, PETA members, college professors, college students, recent college graduates, government employees, spouses of government employees, Hispanics, the homeless, the poor, Sierra club members, people who smoke marijuana because it keeps them from getting blinder, and people who love public transportation but never use it because they might have to sit by any of the aforementioned groups of people.  It’s unicorns and rainbows for everyone!  And Obamaphones!


I feel better now.  Why is it that people who vote for the Democrat are unable to realize that stuff costs money?  Is it that hard of a concept to grasp?  Here we have Barry’s shining achievement: health care for all.  Dammit, health care is a right!  Well this completely non-right costs completely real money.  And here we have 18 Democratic Senators asking Harry Reid to please please please delay the implementation of this thing because it’s going to make our economy worse which may result in us losing our jobs…after all of them voted for the damn thing.

Just kidding.  I know the left understands that stuff costs money.   They just want me to pay for it.  And you know what?  I don’t want to pay for it.  This is precisely the reason why I want us to go over the fiscal cliff.  I want the taxes of every single person who hates George W. Bush to go up because the George W. Bush tax cuts expire.  You know when we’ll do away with liberalism?  When liberals have to actually pay for the programs they vote for.  When the Obamaphone lady has to actually pay for her Obamaphone, maybe then she’ll realize that her neighbor doesn’t exist to pay for her crap.  Well, maybe not her neighbor, but you get my point.


I heard Harry Reid is actually a woman.

August 6, 2012 2 comments

Why do these people keep electing me?

It’s sooooo easy.

I heard Harry Reid is a pedophile.  How do I know?  Someone close to the Senator told me.  My source? Well, I’m not going to give you my source.  All Harry needs to do is release the name of that boy he spent time with last year.  Why won’t he release the name?  What’s he hiding?  If he weren’t hiding anything, he’d release the name.

You think the foregoing is absurd?  Well good.  It is absurd.  Why, then, are Reid’s accusations of Mitt Romney not having paid his taxes any less absurd?  Reid claims to have a source.  He won’t name the source.  All Romney has to do to disprove the allegations is release as many of his tax returns as the Dems want.  The last time I looked, if someone makes an allegation, they need to submit evidence to prove the allegation.  It’s not the other guy’s job to find evidence to disprove the allegation.

The left apparently thinks they have something here.  My gut tells me they don’t.  My gut tells me the Americans out there who still haven’t decided who they’re going to vote for care more about 8.3% unemployment than how much money Mitt gave to the Mormon church.  Maybe I’m wrong; but I don’t think so.

And let’s not forget…if Mitt hasn’t been paying his taxes as required by law, you know the IRS would be all over it.  Its boss is, after all, the president.  The left doesn’t actually care about Mittens paying his taxes.  They want to paint Mitt as the rich guy we already know he is.  That’s what this is all about.  Well that, and distracting us from how incompetent our current Commander in Chief is.

But what if I’m wrong?  What if I’m giving too much credit to undecided Americans, and they’re actually giving some credence to Harry Reid’s nonsensical ramblings?  Well, here’s what I’d do.  I’d tell the American people that I’ll give them more tax returns as soon as Barack Obama gives us the Fast and Furious documents that he’s used the executive privilege to protect from disclosure.  Obviously, the president is protecting the documents because he knew all about the botched operation.  He just wanted to use the death of a border patrol agent to enact stronger gun laws.  If I’m wrong, why won’t he just release the records?

Or I’d say I’ll release as many years of tax returns as Harry Reid does.  Reid hasn’t released any.  Don’t the American people deserve to know how a public servant, making around $200,000.00/year, ends up a millionaire?  Or what about the details of his shady land deals?  While he’s at it, he should demand the same from Nancy Pelosi.  The fact that neither have disclosed any tax returns confirms our suspicions that they’re both crooks who use their influence to fatten their wallets.  If we’re wrong, then why won’t they release their returns?

Unless I change my mind, I will continue to believe Reid’s efforts to be fruitless.  I just don’t think most people care about Romney’s tax returns.  Most people won’t tell you how much they earn because it’s none of your business.  The same thing applies here.

The Tea Party Should Take the Boehner Deal (it won’t matter anyway).

July 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m a Tea-Partier.  I’ve been to a couple of meetings, and I agree with just about everything they stand for.  But the hold-outs in the House need to suck it up and vote ‘yes’ on the Boehner debt-ceiling plan.  Because it’s a good plan?  No, not really.  It is, however, the only plan in existence, and it’s likely to stay that way.  Plus, the Prez already said he’d veto it, and Harry Reid won’t even let the Senate vote on it.  So the Boehner plan is really only theoretical.

Look, chances are, our credit rating is going to drop.  That’s what this entire debate is actually about.  We won’t actually default on any of our debts; we have plenty of money to pay them.  But Moody’s and S & P, yes the groups that totally screwed the pooch during the housing bubble, will downgrade our credit rating without the debt ceiling being raised.  Of course, they’ve also said they will downgrade our rating even if we raise the ceiling, but don’t get our debt/deficits under control (something the left has no interest in doing).  And Barry taking the “Constitutional way out” by invoking the 14th Amendment and raising it himself?  Probably unconstitutional, and it will be mired in litigation for the next year, which will only cause Moody’s and S & P to downgrade us anyway.

So, where does that leave us?  Well, our rating is likely to go down regardless of what happens.  The Senate has already tabled Cut, Cap, and Balance, and Reid has stated he won’t allow the current Boehner bill to come to a vote.  So the House may as well just pass the damn thing and let the Senate kill it.  The Repubs can then at least go the American people and say “we’re the only party to actually have a written proposal; in fact, we had two.  Both of them were shot down by the Dems in the Senate.  So if you want to blame a party for our current predicament, you should look to your left.”

And as this is going on, our president will continue to change his position, depending upon who he last spoke to.

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