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11:00 p.m. Post: The New Party of Big Oil

May 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Oil tax increase would help pay to clean up spills

In case anybody needed an example of feigned government outrage, just see the BP oil spill.  If anyone needed proof that the Democrats are just as in bed with big oil as the Republicans, see the BP oil spill.  This is a message to anyone who votes Democrat because they are the party of the people, or the working man, or the environment.  You’ve been duped, and any continued failure on your part to realize it is on you.  Let’s connect the dots.

First, Obama becomes the largest recipient of BP contributions in the past 20 years.  Second, the Obama Administration has granted at least 19 environmental impact statement waivers for gulf drilling projects since the BP rig exploded, 17 of which were for rigs similar to the Deepwater Horizon currently leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  And third, after expressing its “outrage and frustration,” Congress decides quadrupling the tax on a barrel of oil, to 32 cents, is a good idea because it will fund future oil spill clean up.   Hey, I think we just drew a dollar sign.

President Barack Obama and congressional leaders have said they expect BP to foot the bill for the cleanup.

“Taxpayers will not pick up the tab,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Monday.

Are you kidding me?  Of course we’re going to pick up the tab you freaking moron.  We’re going to cover any tax increase in the increased cost of gas.  “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  I’m beginning to wonder whether the current Administration actually wants to stop the leak.

BP executives told Congress last week they would pay “all legitimate claims” for damages. But the government needs upfront money to respond to spills, as well as money to pay for cleanups when the responsible party is unable to pay, or is unknown. Money spent from the fund can later be recovered from the company responsible for the spill.

Well, that’s a relief.  When BP reimburses the government for those upfront costs, will I get a check in the mail?  How about when I pay more for gas because of the tax increase on a barrel of oil?  Will I get the difference in my rebate?  Of course not.  This is all a shell game.  Moving money from big government to big business, and then back to big government.  This used to happen behind closed doors, but not anymore.  The only problem?  Government doesn’t have any of its own money, and BP will make up the barrel of oil tax by increasing the cost of gas.  While they play Monopoly, we’re left holding the bag.

The government and BP are robbing us blind and all I hear about is Rand Paul’s so-called “racism” and the alleged importance of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  The world has gone mad and we’re the only ones without any Paxil.


11:00 p.m. post: man is apparently whale aphrodesiac; studies show bacon unhealthy

May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Two bits of (not so) surprising news to ponder this evening.

Tilikum Gets 2 SeaWorld Killer Whales Pregnant

Well, for anyone who has seen the cult classic “Orca,” this may not come as much of a shcck, but apparently all it takes to get killer whales to mate is to let one of them go all Darwin on a trainer.  Sweet, lovable Tilikum, who only a few months ago fatally attacked a trainer at Sea World Orlando, has conceived two baby whales.  Congratulations orca.

Study: Hot Dogs, Bacon Pose Big Health Risk

Apparently, hot dogs and bacon are bad for your health.  I, for one, am shocked.  Good thing someone spent money on this study.  I’m thinking class action lawsuit.  Any takers?

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11:00 p.m. Post: Because everybody likes naked people

May 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Commuters travel to work on the Tube NAKED to help boost company’s bottom line

And why not?  More nudity could lead to more people utilizing public transportation, thereby leading to a greener planet, right?  But then again, I always seemed to end up on the train with a rather large, sweaty white guy in the seat behind me blasting some techno/Bee-Gee’s remix from his ipod.  I’m a pretty tolerant guy, but that’s a lot of man thigh.  Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

For those of you who may read this tonight, sweet dreams.  For those of you reading this with your morning Cheerios…go back to bed.

God save the Queen.

11:00 p.m. Post: Missing the point with style

May 16, 2010 Leave a comment

GOP’s Utah and Maine conventions show a party coming unglued

My main criticism of liberals has never been their opinions.  Instead, it’s been their complete and utter failure to ever actually support their opinions with anything except rhetoric or arrogance, and sometimes rhetorical arrogance.  Case in point: Dana Milbank’s lengthy column in the Washington Post on Sunday.  In what must have been a slow news day, she attempts to analyze the reasons why the Republican party in Utah would go crazy, and give the boot to three-term Senator Robert Bennett, which this blog examined last week.

Ms. Milbank also sought an explanation as to why the Maine GOP would seemingly shift from what was a “sensible” platform to what she called a “Manifesto of Insanity,”

Less well known, but equally ominous, is what happened that same day, 2,500 miles east in Maine. There, the state Republican Party chucked its platform — a sensible New England mix of free-market economics and conservation — and adopted a manifesto of insanity: abolishing the Federal Reserve, calling global warming a “myth,” sealing the border, and, as a final plank, fighting “efforts to create a one world government.”

The point of Ms. Milbank’s article is explained in the foregoing paragraph: why would the Maine GOP lose its mind?  Of course, this jumps over a potentially more pertinent question: has the Maine GOP lost its mind?  Ms. Milbank provides her answer to the latter by simply defining the Maine GOP’s position as insane.

Is global warming a “myth?”  I have no idea, and neither does Ms. Milbank.  However, to simply dismiss as crazy those who recognize the very real disagreement within the scientific community regarding the existence and/or cause and/or effect of global warming, makes me wonder what she did to get her own column in a major newspaper.

Ms. Milbank’s rhetorical arrogance is completely revealed though, when she addresses the “one world government” assertion.

One world government? Do our friends Down East fear an invasion from the Canadian maritime provinces? A Viking flotilla coming from Iceland under cover of volcanic ash?

Might Maine’s GOP being going a bit overboard here?  Possibly.  But let’s not forget about the recent U.N. calls for a global currency and global environmental controls. But why waste time with facts when spewing nonsense is so effective?

Now, to return to Ms. Milbank’s original point: Why has the Maine GOP lost its mind?  This time, she simply blames Beck.  This irritates me almost as much as the baseless column itself, because Beck doesn’t speak for me as a conservative, and I doubt he speaks for very many.  To simply rely upon his prime-time television show as the reason for the Maine GOP shifting to the right is, again, to ignore the significant issues that currently exist, some of which Ms. Milbank actually references:

The Maine Republicans a week ago rejected a platform proclaiming that “we believe that the proper role of government is to help provide for those who can not help themselves”; that “we believe in ensuring that our children have access to the best educational opportunities”; and that “every person’s dignity, freedom, liberty, ability and responsibility must be honored.”

Instead of going crazy, it appears that the Maine Republicans are simply returning to their small government roots.  Maybe they realized that there’s a lot of gray area within the class of people who “can’t help themselves” nowadays.  Maybe they realized that the “best educational opportunities” don’t always result in an education.  Maybe they realized that making sure everybody’s “ability and responsibility” were honored was flying a little too close to “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”  Or maybe they just realized that we can’t pay for all of it.  Who knows?  The point is, Ms. Milbank certainly doesn’t, but you wouldn’t know it by reading her column.

11:00 p.m post: Maybe if I keep saying it…

May 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Obama counters Republican critics on jobs agenda

While he certainly inherited a bad situation (caused, at least in significant part, by liberal policies of housing fairness), President Obama and his Democratic Congress have only made things worse.  Today in Buffalo, NY, the President repeated the same tired lines that have begun to fall on deaf ears.

“Today, we are heading in the right direction,” he said. “Despite all the naysayers who were predicting failure a year ago, our economy is growing again.”

Yes, Mr. President, our economy is growing again.  It’s growing at a pace similar to that of a turtle on a cold day, but it is growing nonetheless.  The question is, did any of your policies help?  As an initial point, it was common sense that once businesses fired everyone that they needed to fire to keep their doors open, the economy would finally hit bottom.  It seems we have arrived at that point.  Lagging unemployment figures reveal that few employers have begun to hire anyone though.

In typical Obama fashion (and that of a five year old), he supported his record simply by blaming others.

Obama said Republicans have “done their best to gum up the works” and said they generated much of the country’s fiscal deficit that they now complain about.

Now, the President’s definition of “much of the country’s fiscal deficit” may be different than mine, but when the deficit of April 2010 is four times what it was one year ago, and the common denominator is the One (and his policies), I would argue that the overwhelming majority of the deficit is all his.

Apparently sensing that the article may be a little too one-sided, the authors throw the President a bone, and make an assertion that is so blatantly unfounded, they don’t even attempt to provide support:

Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package approved last year by the Democratic-controlled Congress was largely rejected by Republicans. However, many independent economists have said the measures helped avert an even deeper recession.

Tell me learned commentators, what independent economists have said the stimulus helped avert anything?  The outcome of the stimulus is well-documented.  It significantly increased the deficit, while failing to create any jobs.  It was such a failure in fact, that the Obama Administration actually had to stop asserting that it created jobs, and simply fall back on the unquantifiable “saved jobs” nonsense.

Simply put, this administration has been a fiscal disaster.  It has pushed, and signed, huge spending bills that we can’t afford, and that failed to even fulfill their stated goals.  Now Barry wants to double-down with cap and trade, which will further weaken the economy.  Watching him at the wheel of America, I get a feeling very similar to how I felt watching Matt Millen’s managing of the Detroit Lions: he’s either completely incompetent or failing on purpose.

Daily 11:00 P.M. Post

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