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18 Democratic Senators Hope to Delay Implementation of Obamacare Tax Because It’s Too Expensive.

December 13, 2012 Leave a comment

“So Nash, my husband has convinced me that Obamacare’s not that bad.  I mean, it’s just like Romneycare and you supported Mittens.”  For the record, I would have supported a tin can in a race against Barry, and Romney had a slightly higher body temperature than a tin can.  That being said, there are differences between the two laws.  First, Romneycare only affected one state, not the entire country, and the last time I looked, we’re a country of Federalism, where states have rights that the federal govt. doesn’t have.  Second, and more important from a practical standpoint is Romneycare doesn’t have (as many) business destroying taxes and that whole death panel thing (which is actually real by the way.  It’s in the friggin’ bill.  Read it).

In fact, Obamacare is such a destructive force in terms of costs that it may never be fully implemented.  Don’t believe me?  So far, approximately 2,000 waivers have been handed out by Health and Human Services.  The waivers keep their recipients from having to comply with the dictates of Obamacare, which allows them to save money.  See, mandating health insurance is really really expensive, and as a result, it increases costs on individuals and businesses in various ways.  We conservatives have said for a long time that we don’t want to pay for it, and neither will anyone else.  Liberals laughed at us and called us names, because, well, that’s what liberals do.  As usual, the reality of money has come home to roost.

Minnesota’s two senators sought Monday to delay a tax on medical devices that was expected to add $28 billion over the next decade to help pay for health care reform.

Those two senators, one of whom is none other than Al “how the hell did I fall into this gig” Franken, are Dems who voted for Obamacare.  One of the many tax increases contained within the law directly affects the cost of doing business for manufacturers of medical equipment.  Apparently Minnesota has some of those.  But it isn’t just two Dem Senators who want this part of the law repealed; there are 18 of them.

Repeal is the ultimate goal of the letter’s 18 signers, including Klobuchar, Franken and all the heavy hitters in the Senate Democratic leadership.

This is so typical.  They create these social welfare programs that are so full of compassion, tolerance, and social justice-y goodness that they’re guaranteed to improve the lives of women, gays, blacks, illegals, transgenders, PETA members, college professors, college students, recent college graduates, government employees, spouses of government employees, Hispanics, the homeless, the poor, Sierra club members, people who smoke marijuana because it keeps them from getting blinder, and people who love public transportation but never use it because they might have to sit by any of the aforementioned groups of people.  It’s unicorns and rainbows for everyone!  And Obamaphones!


I feel better now.  Why is it that people who vote for the Democrat are unable to realize that stuff costs money?  Is it that hard of a concept to grasp?  Here we have Barry’s shining achievement: health care for all.  Dammit, health care is a right!  Well this completely non-right costs completely real money.  And here we have 18 Democratic Senators asking Harry Reid to please please please delay the implementation of this thing because it’s going to make our economy worse which may result in us losing our jobs…after all of them voted for the damn thing.

Just kidding.  I know the left understands that stuff costs money.   They just want me to pay for it.  And you know what?  I don’t want to pay for it.  This is precisely the reason why I want us to go over the fiscal cliff.  I want the taxes of every single person who hates George W. Bush to go up because the George W. Bush tax cuts expire.  You know when we’ll do away with liberalism?  When liberals have to actually pay for the programs they vote for.  When the Obamaphone lady has to actually pay for her Obamaphone, maybe then she’ll realize that her neighbor doesn’t exist to pay for her crap.  Well, maybe not her neighbor, but you get my point.


I heard Harry Reid is actually a woman.

August 6, 2012 2 comments

Why do these people keep electing me?

It’s sooooo easy.

I heard Harry Reid is a pedophile.  How do I know?  Someone close to the Senator told me.  My source? Well, I’m not going to give you my source.  All Harry needs to do is release the name of that boy he spent time with last year.  Why won’t he release the name?  What’s he hiding?  If he weren’t hiding anything, he’d release the name.

You think the foregoing is absurd?  Well good.  It is absurd.  Why, then, are Reid’s accusations of Mitt Romney not having paid his taxes any less absurd?  Reid claims to have a source.  He won’t name the source.  All Romney has to do to disprove the allegations is release as many of his tax returns as the Dems want.  The last time I looked, if someone makes an allegation, they need to submit evidence to prove the allegation.  It’s not the other guy’s job to find evidence to disprove the allegation.

The left apparently thinks they have something here.  My gut tells me they don’t.  My gut tells me the Americans out there who still haven’t decided who they’re going to vote for care more about 8.3% unemployment than how much money Mitt gave to the Mormon church.  Maybe I’m wrong; but I don’t think so.

And let’s not forget…if Mitt hasn’t been paying his taxes as required by law, you know the IRS would be all over it.  Its boss is, after all, the president.  The left doesn’t actually care about Mittens paying his taxes.  They want to paint Mitt as the rich guy we already know he is.  That’s what this is all about.  Well that, and distracting us from how incompetent our current Commander in Chief is.

But what if I’m wrong?  What if I’m giving too much credit to undecided Americans, and they’re actually giving some credence to Harry Reid’s nonsensical ramblings?  Well, here’s what I’d do.  I’d tell the American people that I’ll give them more tax returns as soon as Barack Obama gives us the Fast and Furious documents that he’s used the executive privilege to protect from disclosure.  Obviously, the president is protecting the documents because he knew all about the botched operation.  He just wanted to use the death of a border patrol agent to enact stronger gun laws.  If I’m wrong, why won’t he just release the records?

Or I’d say I’ll release as many years of tax returns as Harry Reid does.  Reid hasn’t released any.  Don’t the American people deserve to know how a public servant, making around $200,000.00/year, ends up a millionaire?  Or what about the details of his shady land deals?  While he’s at it, he should demand the same from Nancy Pelosi.  The fact that neither have disclosed any tax returns confirms our suspicions that they’re both crooks who use their influence to fatten their wallets.  If we’re wrong, then why won’t they release their returns?

Unless I change my mind, I will continue to believe Reid’s efforts to be fruitless.  I just don’t think most people care about Romney’s tax returns.  Most people won’t tell you how much they earn because it’s none of your business.  The same thing applies here.

We need to make discrimination illegal. Oh, wait…

June 7, 2012 Leave a comment

The first thing I’m going to do when I become President of Everything is to make murder even more illegal than it already is.  That’s silly, you say.  I can’t make something that’s illegal more illegal, you say.  Well, despite our best efforts, we have a crisis in this country.  People are literally being murdered everyday.  And not just gang-bangers or drug addicts, but white women and attractive teenagers!   So I’m going to make it illegal-er to murder people.  While I’m at it, I’m going to make it super illegal to murder women.  That way, I’m more likely to convince stupid people that, not only am I against murder, I have a special place in my heart for murdered women.

In other news, the Senate Republicans filibustered an effort by the Dems to make paycheck discrimination against women even more illegal than it already is.  In what I will refer to as the “Paycheck Extra-Fairness Act”, the Dems are attempting to deal with the fact that Romney is closing the gender gap.  And by “deal,” I mean coming up with unnecessary legislation simply for the purpose of having the Republicans filibuster it.  The Dems hope that such a filibuster will make the Republicans look like dirty old men who only value a woman for her ability to make coffee while wearing a sexy mesh leopard print spandex unitard bodysuit catsuit see-thru leotard.

Now, we’ve already told you that there is no discernible gender pay gap when men and women are doing the same thing for the same amount of time.  It’s a combination of the differences in employment and time taken by women to have kids that skews salary.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are certainly sexist bosses out there.  But there’s also a certain segment of the working population that consists of man-hating harpie feminists.  And some people like to dress their cats up like wizards.  My point is, it simply isn’t an issue that requires additional legislation.  Gender discrimination has been illegal since the sixties.  And with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which Barry signed into law two or so years ago, the statute of limitations for suing an employer for alleged discrimination was extended to, basically, forever.

Of course, the reality of the gender-pay issue isn’t going to stop the left from flying the mammary flag in the fictitious War on Women whenever possible.  After all, I’m still hearing about how the Republican men are trying to take away a woman’s right to contraception, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Fact is, a lack of contraception would severely impact the inconsequential nature of the extramarital affairs that many of them take part in.

The Paycheck Fairness Act wouldn’t do anything to bring more “fairness” to the workplace, since the alleged lack of fairness doesn’t actually exist.  What the Act would do is severely limit the defenses an employer may have to the discrimination charge while significantly increasing the potential money damages available to the employee.  Oh, and it creates a training program to teach women how to negotiate for better wages, and provides an award for the best non-discriminatory business, along with some other nonsense…all at a cost of $15 million that we’ll need to borrow from China…a country that actually has a problem with discriminating against women.  Sounds like a great idea.

Illinois Toll charges to almost double. Good thing the economy is doing so well.

August 26, 2011 2 comments

Hooray! More roads no one can afford to drive on!

I have found, during my relatively young life, that some people are less gifted in terms of common sense than others.  I’ve known people that are really “smart,” but couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag, if you know what I mean.  These sorts of people have taken over almost every level of government in my home state of Illinois.  I moved here from another blackhole of government suck: California.  And I moved there from the greatest state in the union: Michigan, as it was being destroyed by its government.  Hey, maybe I’m the problem.

Lots of people are leaving Illinois.  Don’t believe me?  Try Googling “population leaving Illinois.”   Like many states, Illinois has a budget problem.  Unlike many states, however, our democrat governor and democrat-controlled legislature chose to double state income tax and increase the corporate tax rate by 45%.  The (totally expected) result: more people and companies are leaving, and taking their tax revenue with them. Oh, and let’s not forget about the property taxes that make me wonder if my neighbor’s house is obscuring my ocean-front view.

And now what?  Well here in Illinois, in addition to taxes, we have these things called “tollways.”  They’re basically highways that require you to pay to use them.  Great idea right?  Only if you’re into sending your money to a government slush fund to be used for buying votes (Blago wasn’t an exception; he was the rule).  The original toll system was designed to pay for the creation of the tollways.  Which were largely completed in the 1980’s.  In other words, the tolls have been paid for.  But we’re still paying.  Like a bunch of idiots.

Recently, the god-like Tollway Authority Board of Directors, which consists of the governor and others appointed by the governor, decided we needed more tollways.  So it decided, all by itself, to initiate a $12 billion, 15-year capitol program, to build more tollways.  To pay for it, we citizens of northeast Illinois get our tolls almost doubled.

Let me be clear: THIS IS CRAP!  The entire basis for this boondoggle is “it’ll create jobs.”  Pants. on. Fire.  What it will actually do is take my money and use it to line the pockets of political insiders and the union bosses that’ll build the damn roads.

A sampling of the lunacy that’s out there:

‘We are confident that the vast majority of customers and communities we serve stand behind us in support of this 15-year investment in the Illinois Tollway’s future,’ said Kristi Lafleur, executive director of the Illinois Tollway, in a news release. ‘Now is the time to move forward with these critical infrastructure improvements to provide congestion relief on the tollway and coordination with the other transportation and transit agencies to do something new and innovative with an eye to the region’s future transportation needs.’

Moron.  Ms. Lefleur’s last name should have been your first indication that she’s completely untrustworthy and has bad teeth.  “Vast majority of customers?”  Really?  The only way the “vast majority” is standing behind you is to get into their cars before running you over.  Common sense people.  Is now really the best time to increase the cost of doing business?  Congestion?  I’ll buy into your congestion theory right after the Illinois Dept. of Transportation stops taking up entire lanes of traffic for months with construction barrels, WHILE THERE’S NO CONSTRUCTION ACTUALLY TAKING PLACE.

‘My heart goes out to those going through tough times and that have lost jobs. One side effect of this is that it will enhance the economy in northern Illinois over 15 years,’ said Naperville Mayor and tollway Director George Pradel, who voted for the toll increase.

Moron.  Do you really think charging someone MORE to drive to work is going to improve their life?  Seriously?  How exactly will this enhance the economy in northern Illinois?  By forcing people to pay more to go out to dinner?  I think I’ll stay in, thanks.  And where are they going to build the damn tollways anyway?  Every available piece of land is a friggin’ nature preserve or dog park.  I’ll guarantee you that Mayor Pradel will be getting a nice little envelope for his re-election campaign from one of his construction pals.

The plan had critics, but it also had supporters beyond the construction companies that were touting the 120,000 jobs that the Illinois Tollway estimated will be created by the program…On the Illinois Tollway’s website, the list of the capital plan’s supporters runs deep. Among them were the Kane/Kendall Council of Mayors, AAA Chicago, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and many labor unions.

Hmmm…who do I see on that list?   A whole bunch of groups that will benefit financially from the program, without experiencing any of the pain.

‘There will be some people unhappy with it,’ Aurora Mayor and tollway Director Tom Weisner said. He added, ‘this country’s been a world leader because of the interstate system built 50 years ago. If you don’t make infrastructure investments, you will be sorry.’

Moron.  No, there’ll be lots of people that are unhappy with it.  Oh, and this country hasn’t been a world leader because of its interstate system.  And hearing you make the assertion causes my eyes to bleed.  Also, I’m tired of hearing democrats refer to the grand wonders of investing in infrastructure.  It’s nothing more than corporate welfare, i.e., taking money from me and giving it to your most generous construction company, which you claim to hate.
Bottom line: This is stupid.  And corrupt.  There’s simply no other way to say it.  The people of this state that are still here are already strapped for cash.  Many of those that still have jobs don’t have any choice but to use the tollways.  Make no mistake.  The building of these tollways isn’t about improving the economy, or decreasing congestion.  It’s about backroom deals originating from the governor’s office as a way to fulfill campaign promises made to certain groups and individuals.  It’s as simple as that.

This is Your Democratic Party

March 8, 2011 1 comment

I bring people together. Haters.

The federal government posted its largest monthly deficit in history in February ($223 billion).  Libya’s crazy leader is ordering his military to kill civilians.  Gas prices are closing in on $4.00/gallon.  These are all important issues, no doubt.  But what are some Democrats in the House most concerned about?  That’s right: the dangers of styrofoam cups.

In a letter to Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) and other Republican leaders, the nine Democrats say the Styrofoam cups and other dining materials could hold chemical components that could cause cancer. The Democrats are upset with the switch to Styrofoam from recyclable materials put into place when Democrats ran the House. 

This is doing the people’s business?  Those quitters in the Wisconsin Senate are doing more to earn their tax dollars than are those House Democrats worrying about the cups they’re drinking from.

‘Eliminating polystyrene-related health impacts will result in fewer lost work days and lower heath insurance costs for the House and its staff,’ the lawmakers write. ‘This benefit alone should outweigh any cost savings from using polystyrene containers.’

I wonder if my church knows of the dangers inherent in styrofoam cups?  What’s next?  Raising concerns over the cholesterol content of ham buns? 

Yes.  I know it’s only nine members of the House.  Yes.  I know I’m painting the entire Democratic party with a broad brush.  But these nine members are bringing home six figure salaries that are paid for with our taxes.  Someone had to take the time to write this letter, right?  Also, if you read the linked article, you’ll notice the letter has footnotes.  So, not only did someone write a six paragraph-long letter about cups, someone researched it as well.  For crying out loud, that’s like someone paying me to write this post.  Ah, now you’re truly grasping the absurdity of this.

And no, I don’t think these nine representatives can multi-task.  I don’t think they can consider solving our debt crisis while simultaneously living with the anxiety of drinking Hawaiian Punch out of cancer-causing styrofoam.  As such, those representatives have two choices: either bring in their own cups or leave the House of Representatives.  Either way, they owe us the money they were paid to complain about such ridiculous nonsense.

Krugman chimes in on Wisconsin

February 21, 2011 2 comments
Paul Krugman Talk

Image by Taekwonweirdo via Flickr

Why am I continuing with this?  Because it is, without question, the most important event out there right now.  In fact, it’s approaching “day of reckoning”  status for the left.  Whether you believe it or not, we’re in a financial mess that can’t simply be kicked down the road anymore.  The Republicans in Congress lack the political will to do what is necessary.  They will follow the lead of the states, where Republicans are far more likely to get things done, simply because they can’t print their own money.

It’s pretty rare to see a local budgetary issue become the national phenomenon that is now Wisconsin.  And the liberals are out in force.  A good summary of their position is offered by Paul Krugman in the New York Times.  Because it’s full of unsupported nonsense, we will address it.

For what’s happening in Wisconsin isn’t about the state budget, despite Mr. Walker’s pretense that he’s just trying to be fiscally responsible. It is, instead, about power.

Krugman is right.  It is about power.  But not the kind he’s referring to. 

What Mr. Walker and his backers are trying to do is to make Wisconsin — and eventually, America — less of a functioning democracy and more of a third-world-style oligarchy. 

Krugman asserts a common liberal theme here–that big corporations bought the most recent election for the Republicans, and are now attempting to take over America by destroying the middle class.  Except what’s happening in Wisconsin has nothing to do with big business.  It has to do with the people of Wisconsin deciding that they are the ones who pay the bills, which include the salaries and benefits of the public employees who are massing in Madison.  And those bills are continuing to increase.  Krugman’s response: it has nothing to do with the budget.

Why bust the unions? As I said, it has nothing to do with helping Wisconsin deal with its current fiscal crisis. Nor is it likely to help the state’s budget prospects even in the long run: contrary to what you may have heard, public-sector workers in Wisconsin and elsewhere are paid somewhat less than private-sector workers with comparable qualifications, so there’s not much room for further pay squeezes.

Note Krugman’s use of vague phrases like “comparable qualifications” and his failure to cite to any authority for his general assertion.  Those are the signs of fibbers.  Well, others have done the research, and not surprisingly, Krugman is full of beans.  According to the MacIver Institute for Public Policy, a Wisconsin-based think tank, the median income of a Milwaukee Public School teacher is $56,500.00.  With benefits, the total income goes up to $100,005.00/year.  The Milwaukee per capita income is just over $19,000.00, and the median family income is $43,000.00.  With these figures  in mind, and the attitude of the Wisconsin people, it’s little wonder that the public employee unions have recently offered concessions.  The Governor isn’t interested.  Krugman’s view:

But Mr. Walker isn’t interested in making a deal. Partly that’s because he doesn’t want to share the sacrifice: even as he proclaims that Wisconsin faces a terrible fiscal crisis, he has been pushing through tax cuts that make the deficit worse. Mainly, however, he has made it clear that rather than bargaining with workers, he wants to end workers’ ability to bargain.

Krugman, like all liberals, believes tax increases are the first and last line of defense against, well, everything.  The problem is, the often-used, but never defined, “vulnerable” masses always seem to be exempted from the shared sacrifice of tax increases. 

Is this an attack on unions, as Krugman argues?  Certainly.  More specifically though, it’s an attack on public-sector unions.  Some ask why the Governor isn’t simply going after benefits and pensions, but also the union’s ability to collectively-bargain.  The likely answer is found in the significant difference between private-sector unions and public-sector unions when it comes to collective bargaining.  In a private-union scenario, there are actually two separate parties with competing interests entering into negotiations.  This relationship usually results in a mutually-beneficial result (ignoring the government bail-outs for the auto industry of course).  The same isn’t true in the public-sector scenario though.

Oftentimes, the public sector union ends up negotiating with the very same politicians it just helped get elected by way of significant campaign contributions.  At a time when the politicians are supposed to be negotiating on behalf of the taxpayer, they are instead negotiating on behalf of their political futures.  Because this relationship can never change, such negotiations should no longer exist.  A public-sector group wants a raise?  Ask the people of Wisconsin to give it to you.  It’s that simple.

Krugman then completes his piece by trying to scare you:

On paper, we’re a one-person-one-vote nation; in reality, we’re more than a bit of an oligarchy, in which a handful of wealthy people dominate.

Obviously, corporations have more sway with politicians than the average Joe.  Why?  Because they contribute more money.  This works with both parties though, despite the left’s “we’re the people party” mantra, and largely cancels each other out.  Regardless of how much money is spent though, we continue to be a country where individuals vote.  And Microsoft doesn’t get any more votes than I do. 

Look, I have no problem with private-sector unions, and I would be against any effort to eliminate their opportunity to collectively-bargain.  Public-sector unions are a different animal though, for the reasons set forth above.  At the end of the day, I would be more concerned with my elected officials leaving the state to avoid a vote while talking about upholding democracy, than I would be about America becoming a third-world oligarchy.

Feds Bail Out States; Avoid Hypocrite Label

August 10, 2010 1 comment

House Approves $26 Billion in Aid for States

Well, that’s a relief.  For a minute I thought the federal government was going to tell the states they actually had to balance their budgets, which would certainly have been awkward.  But the good guys pulled it out in the clutch by providing $26 billion to the states,

Democrats countered that the money would provide vital aid to states struggling with rising Medicaid costs, and would help local governments to avert public-sector layoffs in the autumn.

Gee, makes you wonder how much easier it would be for state governments to balance their budgets without a huge federal entitlement program shoved down their throats.

Democrats said the legislation would enable state and local governments to avert layoffs or to create 290,000 public sector jobs this fall.

“Avert layoffs or to create 290,000 public sector jobs this fall.”  Well which is it?  Wait, don’t tell me, because you don’t really know.  290,000 additional public sector jobs?  For what?  When exactly does the government admit that it only creates government jobs by spending our taxes?

The economy is slowly grinding to a halt.  What does the dawdler in chief do?  Sends his wife and daughter on a spit-in-America’s face trip to Spain, on our dime.  What does Congress do?  Throws more money at stuff that can’t improve the economy: entitlements and government jobs.  At this point, I’d be more accepting of the government doing something bold and stupid then simply more of the same; at least we wouldn’t simply be watching the economy crash in slow motion.

I guess I’ll just look at the bright side.  At least I’ll get to hear progressive talk radio tell me why paying off state debts was the “right thing to do.”

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