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After Listening to Biden at the Debate, I’m Glad I Invested in that Bomb Shelter

Nope, I haven’t written in a while.  Things have been busy and such.  Regardless, I’m sure we’ve all been paying attention.  People are starting to realize that Barry doesn’t really care about them because he’s been sitting on his Great New Economic Plan for four years.  Plus, people are starting to realize that Mittens isn’t a jerk.  As such, the good guys are actually, slightly, in the lead.  Last night was the Vice Presidential Debate.  The left is excited because Joe “I’m from Scranton, which is totally blue collar, so I’m totally blue collar; did I mention I’m from Scranton” Biden was “passionate.”  Everyone else thought he was a belligerent tool who drank a little too much Jameson’s Irish Whiskey before the debate.

Nope, it’s true.

Paul Ryan was, well, Paul Ryan.  A polite, handsome, slightly underwhelming guy, who didn’t hurt us.

and he was thirsty

While I am now scarred with the picture of Joe Biden’s teeth having been burned into my head, I am even more terrified of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy.  Here’s what I took from last night: we’re absolutely, positively leaving Afghanistan on a specific date in 2014.  And dammit, everybody better know it (including all of you terrorists hanging out in a cave).  Why 2014?  Because that’s the arbitrary date we chose.  Of course, according to Biden, the job is done in Afghanistan.  We’ve already been successful in meeting all of our goals.  O.k.  Then why not pull the troops out tomorrow?  Or 2013?  Because that isn’t our arbitrary date!  So, if we’ve been so successful, why are we there?  Apparently to train the Afghan military…so they can shoot our troops in the back.  Why are we decreasing the number of Americans fighting in Eastern Afghanistan, as Ryan argued?  So we can have more incompetent Afghan troops accompany the fewer American troops into battle…while shooting them in the back.  In other words, the Obama Administration has absolutely no plan for Afghanistan that his based on anything other than its arbitrary 2014 date.  I put more thought into what I’m going to wear to go running (Just kidding.  I don’t exercise).

And why not go into Syria, like we did Libya?  Joe said something about geography.  Of course, the real answer is we were talked into helping out with Libya by Western Europe, because Western Europe gets a lot of oil from Libya.  We don’t get any.  Hence, there’s no strategic reason why we would have done anything in Libya.  We arguably have a strategic reason to get involved in Syria though, since it’s a hot-bed for terrorism, and has a crazy leader with lots of chemical weapons.  Oh, and they’re shooting at our NATO ally Turkey.  So, again, the Administration is seemingly throwing darts at a map when it comes to what conflicts we should get involved in.

And then there’s Iran.  We heard a lot about sanctions during the debate last night.  We heard a lot about how tough the sanctions were and that they’re the toughest sanctions in the history of the world, and so forth.  That’s great Joe.  We’ve leveled tough sanctions against Iran.  They’re “isolated,” whatever that means.  Of course, despite the super-serious sanctions, Iran is still enriching uranium, at an increasingly quick pace.  And this shouldn’t be a surprise.  Sanctions only impact the population.  The crazy dudes running the country are still dining on whatever it is they eat, and dreaming about virgins in their silk sheets.  It’s the people who we’re starving out with sanctions.  Don’t believe me?  Look at North Korea.  We’ve been sanctioning them since what seems like the beginning of time.   And during that time, they’ve continued their nuclear bomb project and their crazy dictator has continued to live in luxury (by North Korean standards), while the people starve to death.  What’s my point?  Sanctions don’t work against dictators who don’t give a crap about their people.  In fact, sanctions make it easier to maintain power.  Tim the Spoiled Lettuce Salesman is less inclined to come up with revolutionary plans when he’s worried about what his kids are going to eat for dinner.

O.k.  So we’ve established that sanctions don’t work.  So what’s Joe’s response to the fact that Iran continues to enrich uranium despite the sanctions?  Don’t worry.  Iran still doesn’t have a missile to put the bomb on.  Well that’s reassuring.  So our policy is to wait until Iran gets a missile, and then do something?  Isn’t it a little late at that point?

You see, this is the worldview of the naive.  And libs have always been dangerously naive when it comes to the world.  The Administration’s Middle East policy has been a disaster, and it isn’t debateable.  And it’s a disaster due to a combination of the aforementioned naivety, and incompetence.  Our Embassy in Libya was denied extra security multiple times before it was attacked, and despite the State Dept. confirming that fact, Biden proceeded to tell a completely different story on national television last night.  There is dark cloud forming on the horizon, that is made of a new alliance between Russia, China, Iran, and Syria, and it’s being completely ignored by Barry.

Simply put, the world remains a dangerous place, and the Administration is acting like we’re all just having a disagreement over what flavor Tootsie Pop is the best.  Honestly, hearing Biden last night made me feel a lot like this:


Scared.  It made me feel scared.

  1. Bonnie
    October 12, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    Didn’t Joe tell us all to calm down about Iran?!?…any who, I think it was the Kentucky bourbon that McConnell said they were handing out last night–somehow it will come back and it will be blamed on someone else..like the intel community that didn’t brief him on the fact that he was indeed drinking the bourbon!

  2. October 12, 2012 at 11:26 AM

    that’s right. it was all the intelligence community’s fault. and bush. don’t forget bush.

  3. Mary
    October 12, 2012 at 6:51 PM

    I think you are being mean. After all, the Administration didn’t know about the requests for increased security. Near as I can tell, the new definition of “the Administration” is Obama & Biden, cuz for sure everybody else knew about it. Hillary is still trying to figure out what was behind the attack. I think she has eliminated the notion that it was because it was “9/11” as too obvious. Kind of like multiple choice questions on a test when an answer is so obvious, it can’t be right. I’d suggest she watch the real-time video of the consulate that night but that might also be too obvious. I’d be careful if I were her tho. There are an awful lot of fingers being pointed and, with this administration (see above definition) there is always room for one more under that bus.

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