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All of America’s Problems Are Reflected by the Chicago Public Schools. **UPDATE**

Satan? No. Just head of Chicago Public Schools.

Chris Christie missed the point.  During his RNC speech, he said, and I’m paraphrasing here, Republicans are for teachers, while Democracts are for teachers’ unions.  I’m not sure that’s the issue.  Instead, it’s whether public school teachers care more about the kids than their union, and whether our opinion matters.  Now, they’ll tell you the answer is obviously the kids.  They’ll tell you that they simply need the proper support to be able to adequtely teach our children.  And as they’re telling you this, your right eye will be gouged by their growing noses.

The Chicago Public School Teachers went on strike today, leaving 400,000 students to do whatever it is students do when they have nothing to do.  Sounds like a great idea.  Why did the teachers go on strike?  I’m not entirely sure, but I think it has something to do with a longer school day or larger class sizes, or something.  Their little “On Strike” signs say they’re looking for a fair contract though.  Hmmm…fair.  Dems LUV that word.  What is fair?  Well, CPS teachers already earn an average of $76,000/year, not counting benefits.  What is the city offering in the new deal that is so “unfair?”  A friggin’ 16% increase in pay!  CPS teachers can say whatever they want, but they can’t legitimately claim this is about “fairness” or students.

We here at Why Not Nashville? don’t hate many things, but we do hate public schools.  We hate that they get so much government money, while failing to succeed in educating kids.  We hate that we have no school choice, unless we want to pay extra for a private school.  We hate the ridiculous amount of money public school teachers make (plus benefits), considering they don’t work roughly four months of the year.  We hate that that they’ve taken God and values out of education, and then whine that the kids simply don’t listen.  Public schools are a gigantic drain on our society and yet they continue.

Not to get off-track here, but you know what amazes me?  The fact that private unions support public employee unions like teachers’ unions.  The private unions were against Scott Walker just as much as the public unions.  Why?  Contrary to what you might think, we like private employee unions, and support a worker’s right to join a union.  That’s called freedom.  Private employee unions have a presumed interest in not bleeding their employers dry, because then their employers go bye-bye.  Employers have an interest in hiring employees from private unions, especially in the construction sector, because the employees are trained.  We also support a private company’s right to hire whomever it wants to though, at whatever salary, because that’s,  you guessed it, freedom.

Public employee unions are not private employee unions.  In reality, the two have virtually nothing in common except the word “union.”  In fact, if I were a member of a private union, I’d run away from supporting a public union.  Public employees are paid by the taxpayer, although the taxpayer never has a seat at the negotiation table.  Also, public employees are supposed to be performing “essential services,” which we can’t go without, right?  If that’s true, why can they simply stop working?  Should the entire police force get to take some time off to strike?  The very thought of it is absurd.  But yet it happens.  Public employee unions also pay the politicians they’re negotiating with in the form of campaign contributions.  How hard to do you think a politician is going to negotiate with the union that just financed his election?

Don’t believe me about that last part?  You think the politician has the best interests of the people in mind?  Just look at the CPS negotiations.  Illinois is in massive debt.  The City of Chicago is in massive debt; the City negotiators admit it.  So what do they do to satiate the greed, er, demand for fairness on the part of the teachers?  Offer a 16% raise, which will have to either be borrowed or stolen from the taxpayer.

A few months ago, the Illinois legislature was trying to figure out how to deal with Illinois’s debt, which has been caused, almost in its entirety, by unfunded public employee pensions.  The Dems’ suggestion?  Force all counties, other than Cook, to raise property taxes.  That’s their answer.  Not, hey, let’s reform the system…or simply face the reality that we can’t pay for everything.  Nope.  It’s “Let’s take more from the people.”  It’s insane.  And you know what?  A majority of this state agrees with the friggin’ teachers!  Is everyone retarded (and I mean that literally)?

Fyi…Charter schools and private schools are open for business though.  ‘Nuf said.


Well, now I’m truly astonished.  It seems that the teachers are striking primarily because they don’t want their job performance evaluated, in part, by the results of standardized testing.

Chicago public school teachers went on strike on Monday and one of the major issues behind the strike is a new system Chicago plans to  use for evaluating public school teachers in which student improvement  on standardized tests will count for 40 percent of a teacher’s  evaluation. Until now, the evaluations of Chicago public school  teachers have been based on what a Chicago Sun Times editorial called a  “’meaningless checklist.’”

So, in other words, the teachers don’t want an objective way to be evaluated; they’d rather have the wink and nod method.  This just keeps getting better – or worse – depending on how you look at it.  Of course, if the Chicago Public Schools were actually graduating people that could, you know, read, then maybe we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

With these NAEP test results, only 19 percent of Chicago public school 8th graders rated proficient in reading while another 2 percent rated  advanced—for a total of 21 percent who rated proficient or better.

Let’s face it.  The public school system, especially in the inner city, is so broke, it simply isn’t salvageable.  Here we have teachers striking, while their students are wandering the already crime-riddled streets of Chicago, after they turned down a 16% raise that isn’t “fair”…all because they don’t want to be evaluated.  And yes, I hear you my in-the-closet-liberal friends…”but it isn’t fair to the teachers to be evaluated like this…the kids have such poor home lives…etc.”  Look, these teachers voluntarily sent their resumes to inner city schools.  So no, I don’t care that they have a harder job than a teacher at a public school in the leafy suburbs north of Chicago.

Here’s what should happen.  All of the teachers who are currently on strike should lose their jobs, and then have to apply for them along with all the other teachers that the libs tell me are unemployed because of Scott Walker.  But they won’t.  Because everyone involved in this fiasco is being paid with tax dollars, so they don’t actually have to get anything constructive done.

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