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Hey Penn State Alumni, You Might Want to Re-Consider Who You Vote Onto the Board

I usually don’t write about the same thing twice on this blog…or at least not two times in a row, but I continued to be flabbergasted at just how absolutely assinine some people are being about the whole Joe Paterno’s-A-Class-Act-Hey-What’s-Going-On-In-The-Shower thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve always thought of my common-man as misguided, but this takes it to a whole new level. 

Yesterday, on Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN Radio, which I rarely listen to because the two of them give me a headache, I heard an interview with Brent Musberger.  Mr. Musberger proceeded to tell everyone how disappointed he was in the NCAA for laying the wood to Penn State, and that the only person at fault was Jerry Sandusky.  I was understandably confused.  Had he not read the Grand Jury Testimony?  Or the Freeh Report?  Or turned on his TV in the last six months?  But then I remembered that Musberger’s livelihood depended upon sports-folk being able to do whatever the hell they want.  Still though, what a tool.

And then I see this video making its way around the interwebs.  This jackass waste of space isn’t just some idiotic fan; he’s on the freakin’ Board of Trustees for Penn State.  That’s right!  The alumni actually voted to give this guy a leadership position at the school.  This video should cause Penn State alums to react similarly to how Calvin College alums reacted when one of its professors said Adam and Eve were simply literary figures.  In other words, they should be asking whether they accidentally selected a mentally handicapped person to be in charge.

I’m fairly certain that I crapped my pants at one point.  And unless I’m reading the last scene of this inspiring video incorrectly, it looks like the Board of Trustees may have actually authorized this guy to speak on their behalf.  Does anyone in State College, PA have a rationale brain cell left in their head?  The Board even threw the evilest of evil people, Phil Knight of Nike, in there for support.  That’s kind of like asking Satan to act as a character witness on your behalf. 

Just for the sake of my own sanity, I have to type the following, just so I know I’m not watching Dr. Who, or something: Joe Paterno was told that Jerry Sandusky was molesting boys, and instead of reporting it and following up on it, he conspired with his bosses to cover it up.  I got that right, right? 

Assuming I’m right, the only way Paterno acted with “honor,” as the video asserts, is if “honor” had the exact opposite meaning.  Maybe Joe was a good guy for most of his life.  Maybe he made a difference in the lives of his players and town.  And if so, then it sucks that his legacy to everybody but some crazy Penn State people will be that he failed to act when circumstances required it.  But sometimes when you blow it, you really blow it.

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