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Those Issuing Blame in Batman Shooting Continue to Miss the Point

He’s to blame.

Well, apparently some homicidal maniac shot up a movie theater in Colorado last night, for the opening of the new Batman movie.  Looks like 13 people are dead, with something like 50 others injured.  Those effected should be in our prayers.  And as usual, everyone is trying to find someone/thing to blame.  Honestly, this shouldn’t be that hard.  It’s the guy who did the shooting (and reportedly booby-trapped his apartment with bombs).  He’s been arrested.  He’ll be tried; probably convicted; and because our justice system is imperfect, not executed.  But nowadays, it seems that the last guy who gets blamed is the guy who did the killing (unless the victim happens to be Trayvon Martin).  Already, and as expected, you have the left claiming that too many guns are the problem.  Some are talking about cuts in mental health.  Others are talking about our culture that worships violence in movies and video games and comic books.  Hell, ABC News even claimed the shooter belonged to a Colorado Tea Party…until it retracted it.

Are guns too easy for people to get?  Unquestionably yes…and I’m sure we’ll find out where the shooter picked up the shotgun, assault rifle, and two handguns he had with him.  But is additional gun control going to solve the problem?  It certainly hasn’t worked in Chicago, where gangs are shooting up neighborhoods literally everyday.  And the reports from the shooting indicate the gunman threw a canister of tear gas in the theater initially.  I’m not sure if a canister of tear gas is legal for a civilian to own, but I strongly doubt it…especially in a left of center state like Colorado.  Despite its likely illegality, the shooter still got his hands on the gas.

Should we put more money into state mental health hospitals?  Without question.  In fact, you’ll clean up a lot of homeless by doing so.  But we don’t even know if the guy was off his nut…so mental health comments are a little premature.  How about censoring movies and video games and books?  How would it work?  Who decides what’s “too violent?”  Movies/TV/video games already have rating systems.  That doesn’t seem to stop parents from bringing their seven year old to see Jurassic Park.

Here’s the point.  You want to blame something?  Blame life.  It doesn’t suck, but it’s full of bad stuff that isn’t fair.  There’s nothing anyone can do to keep bad things from happening.  The best we can do is teach our kids values…and pray it works out.  Some will ask if our culture is broken.  In a theological sense, it absolutely is.  In a practical sense, maybe. Fact is, values simply aren’t valued much.  Moral relativism is the law of the land.  Personal accountability is a relic.  Society talks about guns when commenting on shootings in the ghetto, but no one seems to correlate its  lawlessness with a lack of fathers in the home.  We’ve legalized the murder of millions in the name of choice, and the purveyors of infanticide don’t seem to think it has any impact on how we, as a people, value life in general.  Hell, atheists even complained because Obama prayed for rain.

So why did it happen?  It happened because it happened.  It happened because bad stuff happens sometimes.  It happened because the world is imperfect.  That’s all.  That may not be satisfying…or fixable…but it’s the truth.

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