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The Unasked Question: Why Does the President Want to Raise Taxes?

This post was originally going to be just about taxes, and that Romney needs to figure out how to tell the American people that his opponent is willing to raise taxes on a significant portion of them if he can’t stick it to 2% of the population (and approximately 190,000 small businesses).  That’s just how much Barry likes all of you.  He’ll make our economy suck even more just to show how tough he is on his biggest donors the evil rich.  Gee, what a guy.

But then I ran into the weekend, where I don’t do anything with the computer except watch an occasional Tigers game or movie.  Then, on Monday morning, I was greeted with this:

I would use the word “enlightening” if this wasn’t something we’ve heard before.  And yes, I can hear you now… “But Nash (that’s the sexy name I gave myself), Barry didn’t say anything bad.  We’ve all had great teachers who helped us with [insert inspirational story here].  And GE does need roads and bridges to deliver products.  I think you’re overreacting here because he’s BLACK.”  Ok, reasonable people probably won’t accuse me of being a racist simply because I don’t like the president, but you get my point.  I’ve always said liberalism is the politics of the weak-minded.  “Why can’t everybody have enough food?  Why can’t we prevent AIDS in Africa?  Why can’t the uber-wealthy pay their fair share?”  And by the time I get to my answer, they’ve gone to get a new bumper-sticker about Tolerance.

The point of Barry’s speech is to sell his stupid proposal to increase taxes on the top 2%, which by his own numbers, will increase taxes on approximately 190,000 small businesses, while doing nothing useful for the crappy economy.  “But Nash, the wealthy do use the roads.”  Yep, and they, like everyone else, pay taxes for them.  “But what about the teachers?”  I thought teaching and inspiring the youth of America was the job for which they are paid.  There’s no logical connection between taxes paying for roads and Bob and Jim paying more than everyone else to use them.  The problem is, the people of America love a good strawman, and they cheer when one is knocked down.

Every single American should hate the president’s speech.  Why?  Because it’s patronizing.  Because it makes one group of Americans the enemy of everyone else, for no rationale reason.  Because it’s the kind of speech a communist would give.  Make no mistake: Obama would nationalize the wealth of the wealthy if given the chance.  He doesn’t have the chance though, so he’ll just shoot for a tax increase, despite the fact that the top 2% already pay far more than their “fair share.”

Other far-lefties are following suit, threatening to send this country into a recession if they can’t raise taxes on the top 2%.  “Well Nash, the right is willing to send this country into a recession to just protect the rich guy.”  That may be true, but on this one, the right has the moral high ground.  Why?  Because taxes consist of the government forcefully taking private property from its rightful owners.  So the government had better have a good reason to take more.

And there resides the important question.  Why?  Through all the rhetoric, we’ve never been given a reason for why raising taxes at this juncture is a good idea.  Nobody claims it will improve the economy, not even the president.  Romney should be hammering this point over and over again, because the answer isn’t going to be sufficient for many.

  1. Mary
    July 16, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    I’d just appreciate it if someone, just once, would mention that government should only be taking sufficient monies to pay for essential services. There is no legitimate reason to forcefully take money from citizens to fund a study to determine the effects of alcohol on the Mexican sun fish. And yet, they did…….times millions. The idiocy is overwhelming.

  2. July 16, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    Good luck getting anyone to agree on what “essential services” are.

  3. Mary
    July 16, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    Check the Constitution. I don’t understand why the numbskulls in charge have so perverted the Commerce Clause so as to give themselves absolute power. Oh wait, just answered my own question.

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