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Hooray Democracy! Piggy, Duck!

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I’m not like most people.  I enjoy saying “I told you so.”  Well, I told you so.

Remember the “Arab Spring?”  You know…when some of those Middle Eastern nations threw off the chains of oppression and rose up in a super-sized Democracy movement?  Sure you do.  And you likely recall that Egypt was the headlining band.  Certain loud portions of the Egyptian population didn’t like living under their stable dictator (never thought I’d use those two words together in a sentence), and so they caused a ruckus, which inevitably lead to the morons that run our country to work behind the scenes and pressure the dictator to step down.  Why?  Because Democracy totally rocks everywhere and at all times!

Some people with common sense, like me, were concerned about the movement in Egypt, however.  In fact, the whole thing reminded me a little too much of The Lord of the Flies.  That little island community started out with dreams of equality and free speech too (as long as you had the conch), but quickly devolved into the mean kid running around with his merry band of face-painted hooligans and ended with a boulder falling on Piggy.  Well, if Piggy were still alive, and living in Egypt, he should avoid standing under cliffs.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest winner in the first round of Egypt’s elections, has threatened to take to the streets if there is any attempt to manipulate results.

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?  Depends on who you ask.  If you ask a member of the Brotherhood, they’ll tell you it’s a moderate group that enjoys non-violent activities such as knitting and donkey-polo.  If you’re anyone else, its a fundamentalist islamic terrorist organization.  They’re credo is rather simple:

‘God is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.’

Hmmm…that sounds slightly familiar.  And according to the Yahoo! news article linked above, the Brotherhood is the “moderate” group expected to share power in Egypt.

The first round of voting in the multi-stage election wraps up on Tuesday, with Islamist parties including the Brotherhood and hardline Salafist groups winning about two-thirds of votes.

The Salafists are even more hardcore than the Brotherhood (or are they just more open about it?) in their desires to rid the world of non-fundamentalist muslims.  Sounds like a government literally gushing with freedom and tolerance.

What does it all mean?  Under our current president, the Middle East has gone from bad to worse.  Iran is becoming nuclear; we’ve largely abandoned Israel; and we’ve supported the overthrow of a pro-West, moderate dictator in Egypt, in favor of new leadership comprised largely of anti-American fundamentalist muslims.  I’m glad all of that work Barry’s put in to improve America’s image in the Mid-East has worked so well.

  1. December 18, 2011 at 1:21 PM

    At least we didn’t spend eight years of a ten year war attempting to democratize Egypt! Perhaps we should thank the current administration for that???

    Don’t misunderstand, I have misgivings about democracy for all, but if it is initiated by the citizenry, as opposed to being crammed down their throats, is that not their right?

    Surely seems like a good thing the French didn’t choose to decide what government their assistance should render about 230 years ago.

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