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What the Speed of Light has to do with the Global Warming Debate


Don’t worry, this post isn’t about physics.  Well, not directly anyway.  It’s more about the dubious nature of the left’s all-knowing entity: Science.  If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, then you know my thoughts on global warming, or climate change, or whatever they’re calling it now to get around their recent inaccuracies.  In short: I don’t buy it.  Do I think the globe is warming in any discernible manner?  No (that’s actually been proven).  Do I think the climate is “changing?”  Well, to the extent it’s always changing, yes.  Do I think humans have some impact on the climate?  Sure.  Do the “climate scientists” have any idea what actually causes climate change, in spite of their claims?  No.

Climate Change Believers though, will tell you differently.  They’ll tell you it’s a done-deal, and if you don’t believe, then you are a flat-earther and dumb.  My response to the CCB’s has always been the same: the “science” upon which you base your theory has consistently been either proven inaccurate or fraudulent.  Why should I believe in that? Fact is, we have a limited understanding of God’s Creation (yep, I said it).  Latest proof: How about learning that climate scientists’ warming projections were wrong (again) because they had failed to account for the sun’s influence in their global warming calculations.  You know…that big yellow thing in the sky that actually warms the planet.

Well, something has happened recently that, if proven true, may cause the science-is-god folks to spontaneously combust.

The science world was left in shock when workers at the world’s largest physics lab announced they had recorded subatomic particles travelling faster than the speed of light.

If the findings are proven to be accurate, they would overturn one of the pillars of the Standard Model of physics, which explains the way the universe and everything within it works.

In other words, if proven true, everything we thought we knew about how the universe works would be wrong.  Why does this matter to the global warming debate?  Because it’s further evidence that science doesn’t really “know” much, but simply “suspects” a lot.  Imagine the ridicule a physicist would have received last week if he had claimed particles could travel faster than the speed of light?  Had he not received the memo from the scientific consensus?

Simply put, the more we learn, the more we learn we were wrong about.  Science is a great gift from God, and well worth our time and money.   But to assert that we have some ultimate understanding of something as complicated as the earth’s climate, when those allegedly possessing the understanding forgot to take the effects of the friggin’ sun into account, strikes me as slightly absurd.

  1. October 20, 2011 at 2:30 PM

    I choose not to join the doomsayers of the climate warming group, but surely choose to err on the side of caution since err we will http://fredbeyers.wordpress.com/page/2/ Global Warming/CO2 Emissions.

    Certainly was beneficial that some in the 1400s “believed” in some extremely doubtful suspicions.

  2. October 23, 2011 at 10:03 AM

    I love your blog, by the way…thanks for the link. I lump the CO2 emissions into the same conversation as pollution in general. Less pollution is better than more, but we need to find the balance so that we can keep our lights on.

    Should we work on “green” technology? Yes. But throwing money at technology that doesn’t work, i.e., solar panels in the midwest, while passing regulation to shut down coal plants is simply dumb. I find this to be even more true, when global warming science has some credibility issues, to say the least.

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