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The Tea Party Should Take the Boehner Deal (it won’t matter anyway).

I’m a Tea-Partier.  I’ve been to a couple of meetings, and I agree with just about everything they stand for.  But the hold-outs in the House need to suck it up and vote ‘yes’ on the Boehner debt-ceiling plan.  Because it’s a good plan?  No, not really.  It is, however, the only plan in existence, and it’s likely to stay that way.  Plus, the Prez already said he’d veto it, and Harry Reid won’t even let the Senate vote on it.  So the Boehner plan is really only theoretical.

Look, chances are, our credit rating is going to drop.  That’s what this entire debate is actually about.  We won’t actually default on any of our debts; we have plenty of money to pay them.  But Moody’s and S & P, yes the groups that totally screwed the pooch during the housing bubble, will downgrade our credit rating without the debt ceiling being raised.  Of course, they’ve also said they will downgrade our rating even if we raise the ceiling, but don’t get our debt/deficits under control (something the left has no interest in doing).  And Barry taking the “Constitutional way out” by invoking the 14th Amendment and raising it himself?  Probably unconstitutional, and it will be mired in litigation for the next year, which will only cause Moody’s and S & P to downgrade us anyway.

So, where does that leave us?  Well, our rating is likely to go down regardless of what happens.  The Senate has already tabled Cut, Cap, and Balance, and Reid has stated he won’t allow the current Boehner bill to come to a vote.  So the House may as well just pass the damn thing and let the Senate kill it.  The Repubs can then at least go the American people and say “we’re the only party to actually have a written proposal; in fact, we had two.  Both of them were shot down by the Dems in the Senate.  So if you want to blame a party for our current predicament, you should look to your left.”

And as this is going on, our president will continue to change his position, depending upon who he last spoke to.

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