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All Hail King Barry. **UPDATE**

I do what I want.

Or should I call him Dictator…or just Dic.  It’s quite amazing really.  I still hear libs call George W. Bush’s War in Iraq “illegal,” even though he actually sought, and received, Congressional approval multiple times.  Let’s compare that to our current president.  As you all know, B.O. decided to send some of our military assets to Libya, to help Western Europe secure some oil.  Since that time, we’ve been part of a coordinated effort to assassinate the leader of a foreign country that’s in the middle of a civil war.  Oh, and our president never asked Congress’s approval to do any of it.

To be fair, the prez had the authority to act unilaterally against Libya under the War Powers Resolution.  The WPR only allows him to take such action for sixty days, however…and that time has expired.  In other words, in order for the U.S. to continue its military action in Libya, Congressional approval is necessary.  It’s the law.  Unless you’re supreme leader Barack Hussein Obama.

Today, instead of seeking Congressional approval, our democratically elected president took it upon himself to tell the American people, with their pesky laws, to pound sand.  See, according to Barack, since we’re only half-assing our way to killing Qaddafi, our involvement in the Libyan conflict is “limited.”  Since it’s “limited,” Congressional approval is not needed.  Obama’s assertions are astonishing for several reasons.  First, claiming that military action is “limited” because we’re only “providing support” to NATO, when we’re the only ones with the boats and missiles and stuff, is absurd.  Second, the President is doing the very thing his party has accused Bush of doing, i.e., waging an illegal war, except this time, it’s actually illegal.  Last but not least, the whole basis for not seeking Congressional approval, i.e., that Libya is a “limited operation,” is an exception that doesn’t actually exist in the War Powers Resolution.  Barry and his lawyers simply made it up.  Oh, and then there’s that whole “we’re not trying to assassinate Qaddafi (that would be illegal) but we keep firing missiles at his house” thing.

Considering that Barry has already appointed his own personal czars to direct all manner of government without any Congressional oversight, deciding he can wage war against anyone he chooses, whenever he gets bored, doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  After all, he did just send U.S. military into a foreign country without its consent to shoot an unarmed man in the face.  But I must admit, I’m becoming a little scared of our tyrant in Washington.  Remember, Hitler was elected democratically too.

**UPDATE**  Well, despite what ABC told me almost thirty days ago (see link above), apparently the prez gets 90 days, not 60, to seek approval from Congress regarding Libya.  Not that it matters, since Barry still hasn’t asked for permission.  Now, Boehner has warned B.O. to seek Congress’s approval by Sunday (day 90)…or else (or else what?).

**UPDATE II**  Apparently ABC was right the first time…it is 60 days.  Although there seems to be some level of “flexibility” that could allow for 90.

  1. Mary
    May 21, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    They tap danced around calling VietNam a war also; variously calling it such things as a police action. And, thus, the War Powers Resolution came about, in order to stop those blood-thirsty Republicans from sending our young men off to become cannon fodder, totally ignoring the fact that the Dems got us into VietNam. Makes me ill.

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