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Obama is embarrassing

Babs would love her new neighbors

Let’s imagine that we live in a world where Mexico is regularly lobbing missiles into San Diego.  Mexico, along with much of the world, argues that California should be given to Mexico, and until that happens, all the rocket-launching is understandable.  After all, California was once part of Mexico before the Mexican-American War, and there are quite a few Mexican citizens currently residing there.  Now, if we asked our esteemed president to give Southern California back to Mexico, he would probably laugh and say “Not a chance.  They love me in Hollywood!”  Well Barry, how about just the southern portion, including San Diego?  Wouldn’t that be fair?  Again, he’d say “No.”  It’s part of America, he’d say.

In the real world, the same thing is happening…it’s just happening in the Middle East.  It involves Israel.  We are repeatedly inundated with the Palestinian “issue.”  The Palestinian people, they say, deserve their own little country, carved out of a portion of Israel.  Israel obviously says “No.”  Everyone has taken a side.  On one end, you have those like Jimmy Carter-people so infatuated with the Arab Muslims that they’d volunteer to stone an adulterous wife-who think Israel should just disappear.  Others, like Hillary Clinton, advocate for a two-state solution.  Those of us with a shred of common sense don’t quite understand why Israel should give up any land when they’re constantly bombarded with Palestinian rockets.  Fortunately, we haven’t had a president who has taken the Palestinian side since the peanut farmer; until now.

Given his public stance on things, it’s not really all that unreasonable to question Barry’s religion.  You know, whether he’s a Christian or a Muslim.  While I don’t personally care, one does have to wonder.  On the one hand, he goes out of his way to have a cross covered up before he speaks at Georgetown, while on the other hand, he’s given multiple speeches whose only purpose is to suck up to the Middle East.  Well, except for Israel.  Which brings us to our point.

B.O. gave a speech today regarding the Middle East.  Why?  Who knows…I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that an “unexpectedly” large number of Middle Eastern Muslims are upset about us killing what’s his face a couple weeks ago.  In any event, the man who likes to talk gave another speech.  In it, Barry advocated for a two state solution to Palestinian issue.  Except not just any two state solution.  One that would reduce Israel’s borders to before 1967.

Quick history lesson: between June 5 and 10, Israel successfully fought off  Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in the Arab-Israeli War of 1967.  It began with an air strike by Egypt.  After that, Israel routed the three countries in six days, eventually taking over small portions of land from each country.  Some of that land was the West Bank, previously part of Jordan, which was occupied by lots of Palestinians.  Since that day, the Arab Muslims, along with the liberal intellectuals of the world, have been crying in their Cheerios because of the poor, poor Palestinians.  To them I say: don’t let your ego write checks that your butt can’t cash.

Israel has always been a top-notch ally of the U.S.  It’s a functioning democracy, occupying strategic ground in the middle of crazy-town.  And since drilling for our own oil would make gas cheaper potentially impact a gecko in Texas, we are forced to care about crazy-town.  Unfortunately, our law school professor turned president has found it necessary to give our top-notch ally repeated dong-punches.  And now, he wants Israel to give back all of the land it took from the countries that tried to erase it from the map.  Why?  Because he’s an Israel-hating buffoon, that’s why.  Why does he hate Israel?  I don’t know…maybe he thinks Jews talk about God too much.

Congratulations Barry.  You gave the order to shoot Osama in the head.  The rest of your foreign policy has been a complete, unmitigated disaster.  You have repeatedly dumped on an ally, in favor of a bunch of yahoos who would cut off your head if given the opportunity.

On second thought, maybe Barry’s outlook has merit.  Instead of fighting those drug cartels, why don’t we just give So. Cal. to the Mexicans?  I’m sure Barbara Streisand would love the new locals jumping the walls of her compound to sell her some hand-crafted maracas.

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