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Michael Moore delivers where others fail

Batman would have brought Binny to justice

Well that didn’t take long.  I’m not sure Michael Moore constitutes the “cracks” in the liberals’ support of Barry killing Binny that I prophesized yesterday, but he’s definitely not a conservative, so he’ll do.  You know, you’ve really got to hand it to Moore because the man never disappoints.  He made his totally predictable thought-provoking comments to Piers Morgan on CNN, so nobody was probably watching, except Moore’s mom. 

Michael Moore has gotten himself into something of a semantic firestorm regarding the death of Osama bin Laden, calling it an ‘assassination’ and lamenting he didn’t get a day in court. Moore defended his position (and made the requisite Nazi analogy) to Piers Morgan on CNN tonight, arguing that America is ‘better’ than tracking bin Laden down.

Bravo Mr. Moore, Bravo!  Accusing the SEALs of “executing” OBL, check!  Calling us all Nazi’s for cheering for Binny’s death, check!  Wearing a university hat that your mom just pulled out of the dryer and which obviously shrank, check!  You know, I’ve always wondered what made Moore the man he is today.  What really makes him tick?  Well, the Penguin, er, Moore, took down some of his emotional walls with Morgan, 

‘Maybe I’m just an old-school American who believes in our judicial system.’

I wouldn'ta' given dat man a trial. I'da' made 'im inta' a hat

I can assure you Mr. Moore, you are the youngest, “Old School American” I can think of.  For example, no one lamented the Japanese folks at Hiroshima and Nagasaki not getting trials.  And people who were alive during WWII are pretty old, right?  Maybe Moore is talking “old school” like Davy Crockett was “old school.”

I usually detest Michael Moore, since he’s made millions off of other people’s tragedy, while constantly yelling about all the greedy rich people, of which he is one.  He’s also a lunatic, and thus, is the only man with the guts to criticize America’s values, while, at the same time, wistfully arguing that a  mass-murdering non-citizen, should receive the benefits of those values.

Here’s to you Mr. Moore.  You are consistently nuts, if you’re anything.  Now here, have a fish.


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