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What about Osama’s Civil Rights? *UPDATE*

They're actually watching the season finale of "The West Wing"

It’s fascinating, isn’t it?  I wonder if the lefties realize just how inconsistent they’re being over this whole OBL killing thing?  But we’ll get to that in a minute.  Yesterday, we, as the bill-paying children of the United States, were told that we are not going to get any more information about the outcome of Barry’s steel resolve in the face of overwhelming odds: the death of Binny.  Not just the photo of his dead body, but anything.  While the implied reason for the lack of info is mostly “national security,” the real reason is probably that everytime more information comes out, the killing looks more and more like one of those George W. Bush productions that the libs hate so much.

Let’s take all the latest information we have to date and see where we are.  Our glorious president, overflowing with both moral and American values, gives a “kill order” to the SEALs.  Not a “try and capture him so we can bring him to justice and kill only as last resort” order, but a “I expect to see his dead body sinking into the Arabian Sea before anyone knows he’s dead” order.  So, we insert American military far into a sovereign nation, without its consent or knowledge.  We break into a compound under the cover of darkness, kill several occupants, although no guns were ever found in the house.  Finally, we kill an unarmed man, in his bedroom, in the middle of the night.  And if you believe his 12 year old daughter, we had actually taken Laddy into custody before putting a couple of bullets in him.  When asked whether this operation was legal, AG Eric Holder said yes, stating that we were practicing “national self defense.”  Hmmmm.

Now, this is where I need to point out that I fully support what Barry decided to do.  All things being equal, I’m a fan of assassinating our enemies.  If it were a sports team, I’d wear its jersey with pride.  Let’s get them before they get us.  That’s why I always supported going into Iraq.  Next, we should find the Yemeni cleric who was allegedly behind several of the more recent terror attempts, and drop a bomb on his head.  But this is a George W. Bush position to take, not a “Bush should have been impeached and put in jail because he fought an illegal war and illegally waterboarded those terrorists” position.

I’m wondering how long it will take for cracks to appear in the liberal’s support of killing OBL.  Yes, the Pakistani assertions that there were no guns in the house can be taken with a gigantic grain of salt, since their feelings were hurt by not being cc’d on Barry’s email to the SEALs.  Also, I certainly question the credibility of the 12 year old daughter.  But we do know that our Prez gave the “kill” order and that Binny was unarmed at the time we shot him.  That info. came from our own people…and I was told yesterday that not believing our government makes me crazy…and I’m the sanest person I know.

The point is, we all know that, had Bush been behind the raid, all we’d be hearing from those on the left is that it was illegal, or immoral, or not keeping with our American values.  They’d ask why couldn’t we take him into custody and try him in federal court in New York?  Seriously, where’s the ACLU?  OBL’s Constitutional Rights have been taken without due process!  Are the protectors of our Civil Rights too busy harassing public school students as they pray over their fattening lunches to get on this?

Simply put, you can’t be a namby-pamby on national defense that spent eight years constantly hollering about Bush being a war criminal when your current Prez likely broke both international and national law in the killing of an unarmed man in a foreign country, while at the same time, attempting to assassinate Gaddafi in Libya during another ‘illegal’ war…and expect to be taken seriously.  But then again, they’re liberals, and they should never be taken seriously.

[UPDATE] Uh-oh…not only was Binny unarmed, a senior defense official said only one of people killed was armed, and that guy was in the guest house.  War crimes?  Hello?  And that picture at the top of the page?  They may actually have been watching “The West Wing,” since there were “twenty to twenty five minutes” when no one in the situation room knew what was going on because the SEAL’s helmet cam went out. 

  1. Ben
    May 5, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    Then why so indignant at the lefties laying blame on Bush for the economic problems we are still trying to fix? You either get to take responsibility for both, or pass credit to his successor. Right?

  2. May 5, 2011 at 12:18 PM

    I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say. Take responsibility both both of what? To try and answer your main point (I think): I’m simply looking for consistancy. I supported Bush’s war on terror and I’ve supported Obama’s war on terror…including his illegal killing of OBL. If liberals, on the other hand, applied the same principles to Obama as they did to Bush, they would not be supportive of killing OBL. Instead, they would be calling for Obama’s impeachment, and complaining that he didn’t simply take custody of OBL when he seemingly could have ordered bin Laden be taken alive.

    I’m indigant about the lefties laying blame on Bush for the economy because his policies had absolutely nothing to do with the collapse. And if you listen to liberals try and assert otherwise, you’ll notice they can’t point to one actual policy that allegedly contributed. Instead, all you get is rhetoric about wall street and so-called ‘deregulation.’

  3. Mary
    May 6, 2011 at 7:44 AM

    And, in line with your point, had this raid occurred under Dubya, the assertions of the Pakistani govt & and 12 year old daughter would have been trumpeted by the left as indisputable truth, issued directly from the mountain top. The killing of an unarmed “scared & confused” man would have never have been allowed. The left would have been weeping into their lacey hankies over their shame for America.
    Altho, I still disagree with you about Iraq.

  4. Mary
    May 6, 2011 at 8:19 AM

    And I particularly like how the “SitRoom” photo was released to show how our seriously serious leaders were taking this serious situation. Now that we know there was no video of the actual raid, I’d love to know what they were all so seriously viewing. Except Hillary who was, apparently, covering her mouth to hide the burp/hiccup.

  5. May 6, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    it would be like when the feds pulled that illegal kid out of the closet.

  1. May 10, 2011 at 10:31 AM

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