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Delaware’s Supreme Court offers some sanity

You want an example of people who would get stepped on by elephants if Darwin truly ruled the world?  Well here you go.  On October 12, 2007, before a showing of Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?”, David Stewart, Manager of a Dover, Delaware move theater, stood up in front of a sold-out crowd and asked them to remain quiet during the movie and to make sure their cell phones were silenced.  Sounds reasonable, right?  I know I’ve personally experienced a movie theater manager ask a sold-out crowd to please be quiet.  In fact, I welcome someone else telling the guy behind me to shut up.

Well, because we live in a country where having psychological problems is viewed as a positive, someone was so offended by Mr. Stewart’s request, that she stood up, advised the manager that she was offended, and proceeded to take the names and phone numbers of other people in the crowd who were offended.  See, the crowd was almost entirely black, and the movie was “minority-themed,” and therefore, Mr. Stewart’s request must have been racially-motivated.

Yes, this really happened.  In the crowd at the time of the request was none other than Juana Fuentes-Bowles, the Director of the state’s Human Relations Division.  Her feelings were hurt.  Apparently some others in the crowd felt like Mr. Stewart was condescending, and talking to them like children.  Of course, lost in all of this hullabaloo is the fact that large numbers of people of all races are stupid act like children, especially when they forget to shut off their cell phones during a movie that I paid almost $10 to watch.  This is why I no longer go to movies.

So, what happened to the Dover theater, you ask? 

In 2008, a three-member panel of the [Human Relations] commission ruled that the announcement violated Delaware’s equal access law — though everyone in the theater was still able to see the film — because the circumstances were hostile and one that any reasonable person would find objectionable.

The commission then awarded each of the people who complained $1,500 in damages, fined the cinema $5,000 and ordered it to pay more than $20,000 in the plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees and costs.

In all, the theater was ordered to pay nearly $80,000.00 as a result of asking movie-goers who happened to be black, to please be quiet.  I’m not embarrassed to say that people like Ms. Fuentes-Bowles make this country a crappier place to live.  I detest her, as well as the entire Human Relations Commission.  I don’t even know what the Commission does, but this case has already proved that whatever purpose it may serve, it’s the equivalent of me ripping my right arm off and beating myself with it.

Fortunately, the Delaware Supreme Court hasn’t completely lost its mind, and it reversed the Commission’s ruling.  The court found no evidence of racism.  Of course, it only took almost four freakin’ years to reverse the stupidity of…that’s right…the government.

If I were a Delaware tax-payer, I would be livid.   Ms. Fuentes-Bowles, and her stupid Division, and the stupid representatives that created the stupid Division, and every single person who believes the foregoing list of peoples aren’t stupid, should all be shot into space on a Soviet-era rocket.  Why?  Well for one thing, they’re competing with me for oxygen. 

These are the people that populate the bloated bureaucracy that infects all levels of government.  These are people that are paid with citizen tax dollars.  And what purpose do they serve?  They’re community agitators.  That’s all.  The entire system should be disbanded and they should all be forced to get real jobs.  There.  I said it.

And the grand finale?

Christopher R. Portante, a spokesman for the Delaware Department of State, which oversees Human Relations, said the department ‘stands behind’ the commission’s decision.

Of course it does.  It’s full of complete lunatics just like the hyphenator.  Hey, I wonder if Wisconsin has a Human Relations Commission?

  1. Mary
    February 23, 2011 at 5:00 PM

    Please stop. I can’t get a continual barrage of examples of the stupidity this country has become. People are completely insane.

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