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Shut it all down!

“Elections have consequences.”  Remember that?  It was uttered by none other than our current president, right after he was elected.  What’s he saying now that the election in Wisconsin is having consequences?  Where are all the libs who cried foul on the Senate Republicans using the filibuster so much?  None of them seem to have any problem with the Wisconsin State Senate leaving the state to avoid a vote. 

How about all of those public school teachers who only care about their students?  Oh yeah, they’re shutting down their schools for the first, second, and in some cases, third day.  And some are even bringing their students with them.  Why?  Because they, like most other public employees under the Republican plan, would have to pay half of their pension costs and at least 12 percent of their health care costs, which is still less than the rest of us in the private market.

I want to do anything in my power to raise awareness that this can’t happen,’ said one protestor.

I find the arrogance of these people appalling. Sorry, but there isn’t a secret pot of money sitting around just for you.  Your salary comes from your neighbors.  All of it.  And the idea that taxes should be raised to pay down the state debt is absurd.

The state of Wisconsin, as well as just about every state out there, could function just fine on probably a quarter of the employees they have.  Why?  Because government has absolutely no incentive to be efficient, and as a result, it isn’t.  And no, this conversation does not involve police and firefighters, since a legitimate role of any government is protection of the people.  Otherwise,what’s the point?

Personally, I hope the movement to shrink government results in doing something substantial about our public education system.  And by “something” I mean dismantling it.  It costs too much, is completely unnecessary, and in too many instances, fails to actually graduate well-rounded, educated, and moral kids. 

What’s happening in Wisconsin is historic.  Pay attention.  And remember for all of you that think voting doesn’t matter because both parties are the same: sometimes, elections do have consequences.

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