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Did Sarah Palin Kill JFK Too?

Well, now that Michigan has hired its new college football coach, I can get back to wasting time on this blog.  Fortunately, practically nothing of substance has taken place since the last time I wrote.  Well, except the Republicans going all Danny from the Karate Kid on the Democrats.  Yeah, wax that off losers!

So, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past four days (I promise my next post will be more timely), some people, including a Democratic Congress-woman, got shot in Tuscon by some nut (yes, that is a clincal term).  In fact, some people even died (although not the Congress-woman).  This was a tragedy.  And the natural reaction to any tragedy is to ask why.  Why did it have to happen?  Well, my response is simple: random stuff that sucks happens.  Is that insensitive?  Maybe.  But it’s also true.

Instead of reacting to the death of six people in the way most people do though, the liberals decided this would be a great time to get all political and such.  Although there’s about as much proof that the shooting was caused by Larry’s King’s retirement as it was by right-wing talk radio or Republicans, the left was off and running before the proverbial bodies were cold.  In fact, it was none other than 75-year-old Democrat nursing home resident Sheriff Clarence Dupnik who decided to blame all of the mean rhetoric being spewed about by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. 

Did the good Sheriff have any evidence?  Facts?  Psychic hotline?  No.  But what does that matter?  Nonsensical accusations are all liberals need to move forward with a talking point.  And talk they did.  In fact, I called into lefty Norman Goldman’s radio show on my way home from work the other day, and asked him what connection existed between the Right and the shooter.  His first alleged connection: the shooter talked about gold at some point, and Glenn Beck has those gold commercials during his show.  Of course, when I mentioned that Mr. Goldman himself (not to mention other leftist radio hosts) made me sit through those gold commercials, he quickly advised that those advertisements stopped “months ago.”  Goldman’s second purported connection: the shooter claimed that school was trying to control our minds through grammar, and that liberals have never claimed that.  Of course, except for the tin-hat brigade, I’m not sure anyone has made that claim.  That was it though.  Gold and grammar. 

It continues to annoy me when the left politicizes violence; particularly gun violence.  And don’t tell me they’re not.  When was the last time a president gave a nationally-televised eulogy for some regular folks?  Where was he this past summer when Chicagoans kept shooting each other every day?  Bad things happen.  They happen because the world isn’t a perfect place.  In fact, some religious nuts would say it, and everyone living in it, are totally depraved.  So, liberals, stop trying to explain why bad things happen to good people.  Instead, try and explain to me why my Illinois state income tax is going up 66%, even though our economy blows. 

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  1. Mary
    January 13, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    Welcome back! Given Michigan’s coaching choice, I’m surprised the depression lifted so fast. Having viewed a bit of the spectacle that was last night’s memorial service, “regular folks” should be grateful that Prez O attends so few their services. And so, to the heavens (the provider of our masculine side) and the Earth (the provider of our feminine side), may harmony and balance be restored as they meet in each of us. Actually, having Dr. Gonzalez lead us in prayer Sunday, as he did last night, might be fun.

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