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S.F. Bans Happy Meal. No Word on Children Eating Parents.

In its continuing effort to make sure no children live anywhere near it (and with real estate prices being what they are, few parents could afford them anyway), San Francisco has banned the Happy Meal.  Why, you ask?  Well isn’t it obvious:

‘Our children are sick. Rates of obesity in San Francisco are disturbingly high, especially among children of color,’ said San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar, who sponsored the measure.

No Supervisor Mar, your children aren’t sick.  They’re fat.  In fact, they’re apparently so ridiculously fat, they have eaten their parents so as to make obtaining Happy Meals that much easier.

‘This is a challenge to the restaurant industry to think about children’s health first and join the wide range of local restaurants that have already made this commitment,’ Mar said.

I’m sure you can include Taco Bell in that wide range of restaurants.  Well, probably not.  In San Francisco, Taco Bell is a cherished landmark.  It does, after all, provide quick and easy access to cheap burritos for all those  folks who, after a night of clubbing at the Leather Rodeo, like to enjoy a little smokey-smokey (for medicinal purposes only).

In other words, I think San Francisco may have some moral social issues that, while self-inflicted, might have a greater impact on their children than Happy Meals.  Not to mention the whole parent-eating thing.

  1. mary
    November 4, 2010 at 3:34 PM

    Mr. Mar doesn’t have children. Or else he is divorced and the kids live with his wife. How do I know? There is not one mother in America fool enough to drive through McDonald’s and order a Happy Meal, knowing there is no toy surprise inside. If the mother of his children (if any) lived with him, he’d have been met with a highly illegal, in San Francisco, semi-automatic when he walked through the door the night he made that idiotic decision.

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