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Liberals still don’t get it

Well, it was a long, and glorious, evening.  In case you don’t follow these things, the Republicans took control of the House by winning over 60 seats.  They also took practical control of the Senate, and continued their assault with big gubernatorial pick-ups in various states.  It was, without question, an unmitigated disaster for Obama, liberal Democrats, and especially, the “moderate” Dems who sold their souls to the far left of Nancy Pelosi.  In fact, I can’t decide what was better last night: seeing the results or hearing the pure, unadulterated anger in the voices of the MSNBC election coverage. 

Of course, last night’s results beg the question: why did it happen?  Was it because of how much we luv the Republicans?  Not really.  Was it because of Obama’s policies?  Almost certainly.  You listen to the far left progressives, however, and you quickly realize that they (still) don’t get it.

“Obama didn’t spend enough.”  “He didn’t push single-payer.”  “He didn’t forcefully propel his progressive agenda.”  “The messaging on all the great stuff he’s accomplished was lost somewhere.”  These are the things I’ve been hearing from the left.  They believe the true left will now become more galvanized without the “moderates.”  I think the Keith Olberman’s of the world will quickly come to realize, however, that what’s left of their party doesn’t agree.

Here’s what we learned last night.  Through all the dissatisfaction with the Republicans and their wars and their spending, this country is still a center-right country.  America is different than every other country in the world because we were a democracy from inception.  In other words, personal freedom, responsibility, and opportunity are our culture.  For good or bad, we don’t like big government.  We don’t even like medium government.  And we showed that last night.

The liberals see a stimulus that saved jobs.  The majority of this country sees billions of dollars being taken from the pockets of producers in the private market, some of whom are now part of the 9.5% unemployed, and given to government workers.  Like it or not, government employees work for us, and when they’re pulling down paychecks and benefits and pensions on the backs of the unemployed or underemployed, heads will roll.  Why?  Because we’re not France, and we wouldn’t even know how to be France.

Liberals see legislation that gives everybody insurance.  The majority of this country sees legislation that isn’t going to reduce the amounts they pay for medical care, but will increase their costs elsewhere, as the government will certainly need to subsidize millions of people who still can’t afford it. 

Liberals see Social Security as a safety net for the retired.  The majority sees taxes taken out of their paycheck at gunpoint, money which they, and the economy, could certainly use now, with empty promises that it will be protected for their retirement.   

This is the divide that separates America from Western Europe (and the rest of the world).  We’re willing to pay taxes for the military, police, and efficient government.  We’re even willing to pay taxes to provide for assistance to those who need it.  We’re not, however, willing to pay taxes for Michelle Obama to travel through Spain in style, or Nancy Pelosi to fly on private aircraft whenever she feels like going somewhere, or a Dept. of Justice that selectively enforces federal law, or people on welfare using their government-issued debit cards for psychic readings (I’m looking at you California).  This is especially true when many of the people paying the taxes are having a hard time putting food on the table.

Simply put, last night was a message to our representatives, both Republican and Democrat, to get their acts together.  If the remaining liberals in office don’t want to heed that call, then they may find themselves in an even smaller minority come 2012; which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  1. mary
    November 3, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    Want to throw up? Check out the details of Obama’s trip to India (leaving Friday). 40 planes, 3000 person entourage. Two Hundred Million Dollars a day.

    How can it be that the left insists on hurtling full speed down the path from which Euruope is pulling back as fast as they can. Oh, I get it. The “wrong” people were instituting those disastrous policies. I keep forgetting Obama is the “one” we’ve been waiting for. Planet healing, oceans receding and all of that.

  2. Mike B.
    November 5, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    According to the President, we’re all too dumb to understand his brilliant policies. Notwithstanding all the speeches, press conferences, town hall meetings, etc. that he gave to defend Obamacare and other bills, he apparently didn’t dumb it down enough for the unwashed masses. That’s why the Democrats took a beating on Tuesday. Amazing. He’s completely blinded by his narcissism.

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