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So, about Christine O’Donnell…

The Republican establishment is seemingly crying in its Cheerios this morning, due to the victory of Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Republican primary.  Frankly, I’m torn.  As a general rule, I don’t like the Republican establishment–especially in the Senate.  Why?  Because they’re career politicians who couldn’t care less about their constituents until it comes time to run for re-election.  So, whenever John Cornyn pitches a fit, I laugh a little. 

On the other hand, everyone seems to think O’Donnell is unelectable in a general election, while her establishment opponent Mike Castle was a shoo-in.  Thus, re-taking the Senate in November is now that much more difficult.  I understand all of that.  Would Mike Castle have been a beneficial Republican though?  Does it matter?  I go back and forth.

So, why did Castle lose?  He lost because he’s a centrist who leans left on some important issues.  Look at his voting record while a member of the House.  He’s pro-bailout, pro-amnesty, and pro-abortion (although anti-partial birth abortion).  He also voted in favor of cap-n-trade and co-sponsored the DISCLOSE Act…you know, the bill that would require corporations who author political advertisements to disclose their identities, but not unions that do the same.  Would he be any more useful than the Democratic choice?  Only slightly.

But the establishment screams “he’s a Republican though!”  They still don’t get it, which is surprising given the state of the country.  We Republicans want a Republican.  We’re annoyed that we’re in a position where we have to deal with Barry, Pelosi and Reid, all because of the establishment’s complete and utter failure to govern as actual representatives when they were in control. 

Does Christine O’Donnell have any chance?  Who knows.  While Castle has indicated he won’t endorse her, the GOP now seems to be throwing its support her way, at least monetarily (quite a change from last night).  However, Delaware is a left-leaning state, so it seems unlikely that such a “crazy conservative” is electable in a general election.  Does it matter though?  No.  It’s a seat previously held by Joe Biden, so it won’t constitute a lost seat.  Also, being that there was very little chance of the Republicans re-taking the Senate before O’Donnell won, she doesn’t appear to be affecting anything.  Moreover, since it’s a virtual certainty that we’ll pick up at least a few seats in the Senate, being in the technical minority won’t mean all that much.  It’s winning the House that matters.

So, after all that, what does O’Donnell’s victory mean?  Well, it means the same thing that the other victorious “tea-party candidates” meant.  It’s a shout-out to the establishment that you don’t get our rubber stamp anymore, and you had better start doing your job.  Otherwise, you may be next.

  1. Mary
    September 15, 2010 at 11:17 AM

    Well, since I come down on the side of those who think we should have a 2 party system, I’m all for O’Donnell. Right now, we have just one party. Democrat with the sub-group “Democrat-light” (which calls itself Republican). At some point, conservatives either have to take a stand or fold up their tents and check out. Dithering has given us Bush, McCain, Specter, Castle and the girls from Maine. With those choices, why would a conservative vote?

    I think the choice between liberal and conservative has never been quite so obvious as with this administration. Conservatives might just as well find out now how many of us there are.

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