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Feds Bail Out States; Avoid Hypocrite Label

House Approves $26 Billion in Aid for States

Well, that’s a relief.  For a minute I thought the federal government was going to tell the states they actually had to balance their budgets, which would certainly have been awkward.  But the good guys pulled it out in the clutch by providing $26 billion to the states,

Democrats countered that the money would provide vital aid to states struggling with rising Medicaid costs, and would help local governments to avert public-sector layoffs in the autumn.

Gee, makes you wonder how much easier it would be for state governments to balance their budgets without a huge federal entitlement program shoved down their throats.

Democrats said the legislation would enable state and local governments to avert layoffs or to create 290,000 public sector jobs this fall.

“Avert layoffs or to create 290,000 public sector jobs this fall.”  Well which is it?  Wait, don’t tell me, because you don’t really know.  290,000 additional public sector jobs?  For what?  When exactly does the government admit that it only creates government jobs by spending our taxes?

The economy is slowly grinding to a halt.  What does the dawdler in chief do?  Sends his wife and daughter on a spit-in-America’s face trip to Spain, on our dime.  What does Congress do?  Throws more money at stuff that can’t improve the economy: entitlements and government jobs.  At this point, I’d be more accepting of the government doing something bold and stupid then simply more of the same; at least we wouldn’t simply be watching the economy crash in slow motion.

I guess I’ll just look at the bright side.  At least I’ll get to hear progressive talk radio tell me why paying off state debts was the “right thing to do.”

  1. August 10, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    Doesn’t matter who throws how much money at our state…we’ll still figure out a way to screw it up.

    Although, I think, since we have so many people who are great at stealing, we should just take our bailout money and steal Indiana’s money too. It’s foolproof!

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