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Anne Rice To Leave Christianity Because It Cramps Her Style

Please note: if you are easily offended by discussions about right and wrong and religion and the like, then don’t read this.  I’m not attempting to offend with this post, but I’m also not looking to not offend.   With that being said, on with the  show.

To begin, Anne Rice has announced she’s “quitting” Christianity.  While she calls it “Christianity,” she’s actually quitting Catholicism (the two share one important thing in common and some slightly less important differences).  Her failure to know the difference isn’t the reason for this post though (although it is somewhat enlightening).  It’s because Rice is full of it, and she attempts to blame conservative Christians for her bloated feeling.

Let’s get one thing straight: Anne Rice left Christianity because Christianity doesn’t agree with her social perspectives.   See, unlike myself (who was a Christian before I was a political conservative), Rice was a liberal before becoming a “Christian.”  This has caused her to go through some inner turmoil, and her politics apparently won.  She still “loves God,” but only when doing so doesn’t offend her idea of “right.”

What’s unfortunate about the article is that it attempts to give credence to not only Rice’s personal issues, but also the so-called “disillusionment” allegedly felt by so many Christians.  I, in fact, hear some derivation of the following almost every day:  “Christians are so cold” or “so insensitive” or “so holier than thou” or “so judgmental.”  I don’t actually mind being called insensitive because I’m probably not listening to you anyway.  But these allegations being thrown at Christians generally are maddening because they have no basis in fact.

What Rice (and many liberal Christians) ultimately realized is that Christianity/Catholicism isn’t compatible with the   “socially acceptable” stuff like abortion, homosexuality, or adultery.  Why?  Because all three pretty clearly fall into the “sins” category in the Bible.  Important caveat though (which so many, like Rice, don’t seem to get to because they’re so busy screaming about judging and not being accepting and stuff): identifying these three things (and others) as “sins” doesn’t automatically “damn” anyone to hell.  Why?  Because we’re all sinners, and only God knows where we’re going.  That being said, Christianity is  not about simply accepting people’s diverse life styles, and that, no doubt, is what gave Rice heart burn.

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  1. August 3, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    I have always found it interesting when people feel the need to announce their departure from a religion…to what end? I don’t really care, because, like you, I’m not really listening either.

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