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Shirley Sherrod Causes Brain Damage

“Shirley Sherrod’s remarks were taken out of context.”  “She said she realized it wasn’t about race, it was about wealth.”  “She should be given her job back.”  “We were snookered by the racist conservative media.”  And we’re back full circle.  Seriously, is there any issue in this country that causes more whiplash than race?  I mean, I could kill a gay dolphin, in a public school, while wearing a shirt that says “God hates gay dolphins” and it wouldn’t cause this much of a fuss.

Let’s recap: Brietbart releases a video, which was discussed here yesterday, of some random lady named Shirley Sherrod speaking to the NAACP.  So far, so good.  During the speech, Ms. Sherrod stated that, as an employee of the USDA, she didn’t give all the help she could to a white farmer because he was white.  Now, that’s what she said.  It’s in Breitbart’s video.  Later in the same video posted by Brietbart, she stated she realized it wasn’t about black vs. white, it was about poor vs. wealthy.  Everything then exploded and the White House began tripping over itself getting to the phone to force her to resign.  That was yesterday.

Today, the whole world is yelling and screaming about how the racist conservative media has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and Ms. Sherrod’s words were taken out of context…that she later realized she was wrong, and it wasn’t about race…and that the tape was edited to leave that part out.  Now, everyone is calling for Sherrod to be given her job back and conservatives are back to being racist.  Sigh.  Let’s get a few things straight before we go on.  Fact: Ms. Sherrod said she didn’t give the white farmer all the help she could because he was white.  Fact: She later realized it wasn’t about black vs. white, it was about rich vs. poor.  Fact: that last part wasn’t edited out of the speech by Breitbart;  it’s right there at the end.  Fact: The media is a disgrace because it couldn’t sit down and watch a two and a half minute video clip from start to finish.  Now, let’s move on.

Everyone is missing the point of the video released by Breitbart.  It’s not about what Ms. Sherrod said or didn’t say.  In fact, it wasn’t about her at all.  The point was the NAACP crowd’s response to Sherrod discussing how the white farmer thought he was superior to her and how she wasn’t going to give him all the help she could because he was white.  They verbally agreed with the former, and chuckled at the latter.  The point of the video was to prove, albeit indirectly, that the NAACP has racist elements in it.  That’s it.

Bigger picture: Why is race such a big deal?  I’m not sure, but everyone needs to grow up and stop acting like high school girls (no offense to all of my readers who are high school girls).  In other words, stop being so damn sensitive.  Here are the realities of life: everyone has prejudices.  Everyone uses stereotypes.  Neither of these things make you a racist.  The difference between racists and everyone else is, everyone else actually gets to know each other and then lets the prejudices and stereotypes go while being able to chuckle about them.  Racists don’t get to know anyone, simply rely upon their prejudices and stereotypes, and get ugly tattoos.

Are there racists in this country?  Of course.  Just like there are sexists, and homophobes, and people who like to kick ducks.  The world isn’t perfect.  Are there very many though?  I doubt it.  In fact, I can honestly say in my 33 years of being a white guy, I’ve never met one.  How do we truly move beyond race?  Stop being so stupid about it.  Should I refer to myself as a German-Dutch-English American?  Of course not.  I’ve never even been to those countries.

This should totally be on ESPN

I feel like this is will be a little after-school-special, but it needs to be said.  We’re all different, but we’re all Americans.   And yes, I blame liberals like Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, and the NAACP for purposely focusing on our differences and race-baiting every chance they get.  Do they do it because they’re truly concerned about racism?  No.  They do it because it keeps them relevant. Don’t forget…it was the NAACP that started all this nonsense by voting to repudiate the “racist” elements of the tea parties.  There are “racist” elements in every group.  Why not vote to condemn the racist elements in the World Adult Kickball Association, or the World Chess Boxing Organization, or how about the NAACP? The vote was done to cause a ruckus, and it did.  And Breitbart’s video was released to hit back at the NAACP, and it did, sort of.  The point is,  the overwhelming majority of the tea parties don’t think Obama’s evil because he’s black; they think he’s an idiot because he says things like unemployment benefits are good because they create jobs.  We should all just focus on that.

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