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Washington Post Exposes Intelligence Bureaucracy

He's working for the federal government now.

Well, the Washington Post has done an exemplary job of telling us, with colorful graphs and fancy web-pages, what we already knew: too many people work for the federal government and the intelligence community has become like, well, every other bloated federal monolith.  Here’s what I took away from Day 1(!) of the Post’s extravaganza: far too many people have access to my personals, which, if Michelle “step away from the fries” Obama has her way, will soon include my body mass index.

Now, the ridiculously large number of people with top secret access does concern me.  Why?  Well, it’s not just the dead hooker in my trunk (I kid, I kid).  And it should concern you too.  The federal government becomes larger and more intrusive by the day.  Hell, there’s probably some over-educated kid from Harvard sitting in his posh D.C. area office reading this very important blog right now.  And for what?

Since 9/11, buckets of money have been shoveled to anyone with any connection to the protection of this country.  That’s not a bad thing per se, since the job of government is to protect its people.  But what has all of that money and snooping achieved?  Well, I’m not being carbon-copied on the CIA’s internal memo’s yet, so I can’t speak to all the successes.  I do know, however, that some dude on the no-fly-list was able to get on an airplane and try and blow it up.  I also know that some terrorist sympathizer was able to evade great big flashing lights and alarms and kill some soldiers at Ft. Hood.  In other words, we still can’t “connect the dots.”

It’s not just the intelligence community that’s become a fat man trying to ice skate either; every part of the giant money-suck that is the federal government needs to be gutted.  There are WAY too many “civil servants” in Washington D.C. pulling down six figure salaries which are paid for by the tax-payer.  A recent article in Politico shed some light on the very issue of Washington failing to feel the effects of the bad economy:

The massive expansion of government under President Barack Obama has basically guaranteed a robust job market for policy professionals, regulators and contractors for years to come. The housing market, boosted by the large number of high-income earners in the area, many working in politics and government, is easily outpacing the markets in most of the country. And there are few signs of economic distress in hotels, restaurants or stores in the D.C. metro area.

How many of those “policy professionals, regulators and contractors” are serving a useful purpose?  Are we really safer with an estimated 854,000 people with top-level security clearance!?  The obvious answer to both of these questions is no.  And it’s not just an Obama or Dem problem.  Both parties have fattened themselves up from the tax-payer trough for far too long.

Next week’s Washington Post piece: an inside look at the Department of Education.  Be sure not to eat before you read that one.

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