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The Death Knell of Liberalism (But is anyone listening?)

Well, it’s official (again).  Liberalism doesn’t work.  Take Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform for example.  I’m not entirely sure why the president would form this Commission, since if it had any credibility at all, it would have to say things that reflected poorly on the president.  And its saying them.  Commission chairmen Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson recently spoke at the National Governors Association about the state of government spending.

Simpson said the entirety of the nation’s current discretionary spending is consumed by the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs.

Now, here’s a quick government lesson, since the language cited above isn’t particularly clear.  There are two types of federal government spending: discretionary and mandatory.  Mandatory spending largely consists of three things: medicare, medicaid and social security.  It’s called “mandatory” because these three entitlement programs must receive a certain amount of federal money every year by federal law.  Discretionary spending accounts for all those other things that are generally associated with governance: military, homeland security, transportation, legislative salaries, etc.  It’s “discretionary” because the President and Congress must decide what departments get what money every year by way of the budget.  Now, back to the point.

Read the above cited text again.  Did you catch it?  That’s right: Obama’s Debt Commission just said that three liberal entitlement programs consume every red cent of revenue that comes into the federal treasury.  Everything else the federal government spends money on, like the military and homeland security, is paid for with money borrowed from the Chinese.  This simple point needs to be written on the side of every bus, billboard, and outfield wall until November.  Nothing is more important.  We’re going bankrupt and liberal welfare policies are solely to blame.

Why does the deficit matter?

The government’s current spending trends ‘will destroy the country from within,’ said the co-chairmen of Obama’s national commission on debt.

These “spending trends” are liberal spending trends.  Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are liberal policies.  With healthcare, we can add a fourth socialist albatross that we can’t pay for.  See, the problem with socialism isn’t just its degradation of freedom.  It’s the fact that it ignores the realities of life.  That’s why it’s failed every place it’s been tried, and why it’s failing here.

Is anyone listening though?  Well, according to a recent CBS News poll, only 13% of those polled consider Obama’s economic policies to have helped them.  Many may not identify Obama’s failing policies as being “liberal,” but many are at least identifying them as failing.  Here’s to hoping they continue to remember these policies come November.  I have a feeling they will.

  1. July 15, 2010 at 2:15 PM

    It’s a bummer we can just give everyone everything they want. It’d be way cooler if all this stuff was free.

    But if someone figures out how to do that… can I just say, I’d like a beach front home in Malibu, perfect health, and a pony.

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