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Thank You Mr. Obama’s Handlers

Are these really the same people that convinced America that Barry was not only best option available, but was a super-awesome-genius sort of president that we haven’t had since, like, ever?  You know, the team that brainwashed a majority of Americans into believing a guy who neither had a real job or executive experience could be a competent president?  If so, they should really stop ironing B.O.’s jeans and start doing their jobs.

A day after Michelle “your ass could block out the sun” Obama tried to convince people the Gulf was still a good place to vacation, Barry decides the family is going to Maine for summer vacation.  What does Maine have to offer other than a pretty good college hockey team?  Shouldn’t the Community Organizer bring the fam down to Alabama or Lousiana and hang out on the beach?  Maybe offer the locals some Hope?  How ’bout donning a rubber suit and cleaning some pelicans?  He’s really missed an opportunity here to show his sensitivity to the plight of those sad souls in the deep south.  If he weren’t a Progressive, I might think B.O. doesn’t actually care about the effects of the spill.  That couldn’t be right though, could it?

  1. mary
    July 14, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    You are just so wrong. They care a lot. In fact, Michelle flew down to the gulf coast (just before leaving for Maine) and gave a little speech out on the beach. And to show how much she cared, she wore a white dress with black splotches all over it. If that doesn’t say “I care so much I dressed up like an oil spill”, I don’t know what does. Or maybe she was modelling her new line of Halloween costumes.

  2. July 15, 2010 at 2:56 PM

    hey now… nothin’ wrong with some junk in the trunk.

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