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White House Implements Policy to Stop Spread of HIV/AIDS by Mandating Room for Holy Ghost

AIDS.  No doubt a horrible disease.  But yet completely avoidable.  In fact, in the world of contagious diseases, picking up AIDS is about as easy as the nerdy kid picking up the hot prom queen who always seems to be dating the older guy with the BMW.  In other words, you really have to work at it.  At the same time though, if a person wants to live the type of lifestyle that exposes himself or herself to getting AIDS, it’s practically impossible to stop them.  But leave it to our esteemed president to continue throwing good money after bad.

For many who have been laboring to control the disease, the specific steps are particularly welcome after years of disappointing progress. “We should have been doing better,” said David R. Holtgrave, an expert on HIV/AIDS policy at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

American public health efforts, which in the late 1980s and early 1990s helped dramatically cut new infections from a peak of about 130,000 a year, have barely moved the annual number since.

Why should we be “doing better?”  No one can argue that anyone in America doesn’t know about AIDS and how it’s spread.  Simply put, those that have unprotected sex or share needles have made a lifestyle choice, and no amount of additional “education” is going to change that.

And at a time when an estimated 4% of the federal government’s $19-billion domestic HIV/AIDS budget goes to prevention, some activists said that could remain a barrier to this new effort to slow the spread of the disease.

$19 billion?  Why?  Wouldn’t that money be better served going to a not-so-preventable disease…like cancer?  Even better…to children’s cancer?

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