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Smoke some Pork 2010 Is On!

Is there anything I enjoy more than talking politics and Jimmy Buffett?  I don’t know…how ’bout SMOKIN’ RIBS AND DRINKIN’ BEER!  Every summer (well, this is only the second summer, but traditions start somewhere), my wife and I have a bunch of people over for a day/night rib eatin’, beer drinkin’, music listenin’, bags playin’, other happenins’.  Well, today’s the day.  As we work our way up to the beginning of the shin-dig, I’ll provide a little play by play.  Not like one of those Bill Simmons minute by minute deals (i’ve got temperatures to control and beer to drink), but happenin by happenin.

And when I talk ribs…I’m talkin’ low n slow (of course).  approx. four hours per slab.  i use cherry wood.

9:00 a.m…trip to meijer for stuff i didn’t buy yesterday…rub ingredients, donuts, coffee.  Brought two kids…because the wife doesn’t let me out of the house without at least one…and another wanted to join.  easy enough because no one’s at meijer at 9:00 a.m. other than the power walkers who avoid the outdoors.

10:00 a.m…back from meijer…start fire.  kids being loud…open first beer.

10:30 a.m…fire up to appropriate temp…put first batch of ribs on.  Continue yelling at children…continue drinking.  have donut.

11:00 a.m…first beer gone…first burned hand…kids about to go with oma for rest of day.  temp outside: 80…temp in smoker: b/t 220 and 230.

12:00 p.m….second beer gone.  outside temp: 82..temp in smoker: 223.  Just went to the Texas crutch, which i will use for approx. 30-45 minutes.  sun is shining and Jimmy is on the mic.

12:25 p.m…second burn of the day…happy to hear that rick porcello isn’t on the trading block (which i doubted).  trading him would be STUPID.

1:05 p.m…out of texas crutch and first set is rounding third.  beer of choice for this hot summer day: leinenkugel’s summer shandy.  beer with lemonade.  second choice: sam adams summer ale.  third: bell’s oberon.  fourth: goose island summertime.  the wife is really getting her party hat on now.   and by that i mean she’s organizing.  hey, one of us has to play with fire while the other one figures out how to put it out if it goes bad.  that’s marriage.

2:00 p.m…just about time to take first round off (i’ve already had one and i’m not dead yet).  coals going for second round.  had to make an emergency run to meijer because i love meijer.  and i needed batteries.  some clouds rolling in, but still perfect weather.  and i just heard hotel california…greatest song ever.  next up…Rosie, come out tonight!

2:35 p.m…next round on.  third burn of day.  eagles’ “already gone” on the radio.

2:45 p.m…”southern cross” on the radio.

3:40 p.m…dave matthews on the radio…smokin away…counting down

4:00 p.m…my new neighbor is not only from michigan, he’s a michigan fan.  which means he rules.  oh yeah, still smokin’ and drinkin’.  roger clyne and peacemakers on radio.

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  1. mary
    July 10, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    As succinct a description of marriage as I’ve ever heard. Save some ribs for Oma, she’ll deserve it.

  2. July 10, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    it was succinct. and you will deserve it after dealing with my kids

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