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Dammit Jimmy…I can’t stay mad at you.

Getting ready for Jimmy

I needed to address this because everyone’s been bugging me about it.  It’s just proof that no one is perfect, that’s all.  Yes, the man who lives in my CD player, and provides me with lazy days and music to drink to, is a B.O. supporter and thinks the Gulf oil spill is George Bush’s fault.  I don’t know why, something about lack of regulations.  Look, every man is entitled to his opinion, even if it’s 100% misguided (there’s no evidence that lack of regulation had anything to do with the BP spill).  Jimmy still rules and can say whatever he wants.

And at least he’s trying to help out the people a little…he’s playing on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama this weekend with the Zac Brown Band and others.  If you can, go see him, because you won’t be disappointed (and don’t let your friends drag you out before the encore to beat traffic).

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