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Obligatory “Fairness” Post

Hey, at least it's fair.

Why does every stupid socialist law implemented by liberals have to have the word “fair” in it?  Do they think it will actually make us think there’s something “fair” about it?  Do they not realize that “fair” is code for bigger government? Now, the internet sales tax is yesterday’s, well, more like five days ago’s, news, but I didn’t catch the name of the bill at the time.  It’s called the “Main Street Fairness Act.” I love it.  In fact, this is actually a double-whammy, because it also squeezes “Main Street” in the title.  No surprisingly, its co-sponsors are all raving lunatics liberals like John Conyers.

I actually discussed this Act with a fellow conservative on Facebook other day.  He was, to my surprise, a fan of the bill because it would help local business.  Not necessarily untrue, but my response is better (bias?):  Instead of increasing the sales tax on merchandise purchased on the internet, why not decrease local sales taxes?  The City of Chicago , for example, drives shoppers into the open arms of the surrounding communities due to its ridiculous sales taxes.  The liberal’s answer is always to raise taxes…wouldn’t lowering them achieve the same “fairness” while actually helping consumers?  Aren’t consumers the people that drive our economy?  Do any of you reading my posts actually respond to these rhetorical questions out loud?  If so, good for you.

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