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Chicago Continues Fight to Keep Guns from Law Abiding Citizens

It would be shocking if it weren’t so typical.  Seriously, what is going on with the politicians in Chicago?  In a 45-0 vote, the Chicago City Council enacted the toughest gun laws in the country yesterday.

The new ordinance bans gun shops in Chicago and prohibits gun owners from stepping outside their homes, even onto their porches or in their garages, with a handgun. It becomes law in 10 days, Corporation Counsel Mara Georges said.

In its vote, those representing the good people of the City of Chicago reveal why they should all be placed in a loony bin.

‘I wish that we weren’t in the position where we’re struggling to figure out a way in which we can limit the guns on our streets and still meet the test that our Supreme Court has set for us,’ said Alderman Toni Preckwinkle, minutes before the council voted 45-0 to approve the ordinance.

I’m convinced that every single Alderman is suffering from acid flashbacks all day, every day.  The Supreme Court decision didn’t do anything to affect your “struggle.”  Why?  Because the people shooting each other already have the guns and probably don’t even know what the Supreme Court is.  It’s not just the Aldermen who are nuts though; it’s also Mayor Daley.

‘You have to get the tools to the police,’ Daley said.

What tools?  How does requiring law-abiding citizens to leave the city to purchase a hand-gun, and then jump through ridiculous hoops to own one, constitute law-enforcement “tools?”  It’s nice to see though, that those voting for the Alderman are just as confused:

Some residents applauded the vote.

‘There’s just too much killing going on (and) we need protection,’ said Mary Fitts, a retiree who came from her home on the South Side to watch the vote. ‘You can’t even sit on your front porch.’

Ms. Fitts, the people doing the killing, and keeping you off your porch, aren’t those carrying their firearms card.   And it should be pretty apparent at this point that the police aren’t protecting you.  All Chicago’s ill-conceived law does is keep you from setting your gun next to you on your porch…where you stand a reasonably good chance of being hit with a stray bullet on a nice day.  Other restrictions:

• Limits the number of handguns residents can register to one per month and prohibits residents from having more than one handgun in operating order at any given time.

• Requires residents in homes with children to keep handguns in lock boxes or equipped with trigger locks and requires residents convicted of a gun offense to register with the police department, much as sex offenders are now required to do.

• Prohibits people from owning a gun if they were convicted of a violent crime, domestic violence or two or more convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

• Requires prospective gun owners to be fingerprinted, take a four-hour class and one-hour training at a gun range.

• Calls for the police department to maintain a registry of every registered handgun owner in the city, with the names and addresses to be made available to police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders.

I wonder if the Supreme Court will analyze these restrictions in the same manner it reviews restrictions to abortion.  If it does (and it should), I have a feeling the overwhelming majority of the restrictions will be shot down…at least if the current make-up of the Court remains.  The most humorous part about the law (at least to me):

Those who have handguns, illegal under the ban, would have 90 days from the day the ordinance is enacted to register those weapons.

I’m not holding my breath that any of those gang-bangers, who had guns before the ban was deemed unconstitutional, will rush in to register them now…and get fingerprinted.

The thing that I find even more unconscionable than the new restrictions is the fact that cash-strapped Chicago is going to spend millions in tax-payer money over the next several years to defend them…and then raise taxes on its citizens to support the effort.  The Chicago government is, without question, the worst government in the country.

  1. Mary
    July 4, 2010 at 1:40 PM

    Illinois is 13B dollars in debt. The city of Chicago is over 1/2 billion dollars in debt. But somehow, they’ve managed to put aside those uncomfortable numbers to take on the really important work out there. Taking defensive weapons away from law abiding citizens. With the (now declared unconstitutional) gun ban in place, Chicago has had dozens of shootings, woundings and deaths and those occurred in just the last few weeks. Amazingly, they have not connected the dots sufficiently to realize that none of the shootings were done by the citizens who register their weapons.

    We have enough gun laws. Try enforcing them. Felons caught with guns? Send them back to prison. You get caught with an unregistered weapon? There are currently very substantial fines and jail terms which can be imposed. Do it. I guess such solutions are too easy and, thus, beyond the brain trust which is the Chicago political leadership.

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