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All That Was Needed Was The Collection Plate

A School Prays for Help

Let’s see…no prayer in school, no moment of silence in school, no recognition that Christmas and Easter are Christian holidays celebrating the birth and resurrection of Christ, respectively, no Ten Commandments, etc.  Apparently the Supreme Court concocted “separation between church and state” is impenetrable to all things except one: money.  The holy rollers and their Jesus lovin’ ways are A-o.k. when they bring the collection plate.  Hypocrisy much?

LAKELAND, Fla.—When his budget for pencils, paper, and other essential supplies was cut by a third this school year, the principal of Combee Elementary School worried children would suffer.

Then, a local church stepped in and “adopted” the school. The First Baptist Church at the Mall stocked a resource room with $5,000 worth of supplies. It now caters spaghetti dinners at evening school events, buys sneakers for poor students, and sends in math and English tutors.

Churches hosting spaghetti dinners at school events?  Religious sneakers for poor students?  What if those tricky church people sneak a page into the math book that reads, “Math: it only makes sense because I created it.  Signed, God.”?  Who’s going to protect the innocent children from God then?  More importantly, where are all the libs crying about the church potentially ruining their future voting base?  Oh, there they are.

In Florida, meanwhile, alliances between churches and schools are igniting debate about church-state boundaries. “I have great concerns about churches who see public schools as, well, what shall I say, church membership,” says Harry Parrott, a retired Baptist minister who runs a local chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Wait a minute, you’re a Christian?  You’re not one of those crazy liberals, are you?  You’re just a retired pastor who thinks he’s a Constitutional Law expert.  Don’t you know that the Constitution doesn’t actually mention the alleged Separation?  Apparently your run of the mill libs don’t have a problem with Christian money in the public schools…just retired pastors.  Wonders never cease.

All kidding aside, I think this is a good idea.  Moreover, it appears that private funding of public schools is just getting started.

Public schools are making some of the boldest moves. Traditionally, private donations—including foundation grants and money raised at bake sales—have amounted to just 1% of K-12 funding nationally, according to the Education Commission of the States, a nonprofit think tank. The money generally has been spent on extras like new computers or playground upgrades.

Now, it’s for essentials. “They’re asking for simple things: books for the classroom, art supplies, paper,” says Sean McGraw, executive director of a nonprofit foundation that supports public schools in wealthy Douglas County, Colo.

Why is this a good idea?  It (hopefully) starts the ball of common sense rolling.  Simply put, the government shouldn’t be educating our children.  They’re doing a crappy job, and our schools have become slaves to liberal philosophy and teachers’ unions.  Also, I’d like my astronomically high property taxes back please.  I’m hopeful that private funding of public schools continues, and eventually, cuts out public funding all together.  Let’s face it: All the government knows how to do is abort children; it knows nothing about raising or educating them.

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