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Obama Hates Israel…

In simultaneous moves, the Obama White House is backing an anti-Israel UN resolution scheduled for next week, while pressuring Congress to ease sanctions on Iran. What the hell is going on?  First, on Israel:

[S]enior Obama administration officials have been telling foreign governments that the administration intends to support an effort next week at the United Nations to set up an independent commission, under UN auspices, to investigate Israel’s behavior in the Gaza flotilla incident.

Terrific.  I can hear Cyndi Lauper now, “I see your true colors shining through….”  No one can legitimately argue that our President doesn’t hate one our strongest allies.  But why does he hate Israel?  I don’t know.  The simplest answer is the same explanation for all of his behavior: he’s incompetent.  Maybe he thinks being hard on Israel will make us look better in the eyes of the Muslim world.  Maybe he thinks he can actually make friends with those that hate us?  Maybe his motives are more sinister.  Only he knows.  But he’s setting a dangerous precedent by backing a U.N. resolution to investigate the activities of a sovereign nation defending itself.  I certainly would not have wanted the U.N.’s permission to drop a couple atomic bombs on Japan to safe the lives of our soldiers.

While the White House cooperates with the U.N. on what will undoubtedly be some one-sided, completely biased investigation, Congress is actually working to install increasingly severe sanctions on Iran:

Administration officials have begun negotiations with congressional leaders, who are working on versions of House and Senate bills that would punish companies that sell refined petroleum products to Iran or help the country’s oil industry.

U.S. sanctions have strong support in Congress, and the administration backs them in principle as a way to strengthen the mild strictures adopted on Wednesday by the U.N. Security Council.

Sounds like a good idea, especially given that Iran has ignored previous U.N. resolutions, and the U.N.’s response is to write angry letters.  At least we can control what we do, right?  Wait, what did you say?

But the administration fears that the legislation also could damage relations with Europe, Russia and China, all of whom cooperated with U.S. efforts on the U.N. sanctions.

In what has to be one of the few times the President has actually taken a stand of his own, he chooses the international community over Congress.  Why would the opinions of Europe, Russia, and China matter?  Don’t we love freedom and hate tyranny?  What about the human rights violations in Iran?  WHAT ABOUT THE FREAKIN’ NUCLEAR WEAPONS?!  The fact is, the White House has no interest in severely sanctioning Iran.  Why?  Because the White House is more interested in making friends with our enemies then they are defending Israel, an actual ally.  The problem is that, aside from the U.N. simply being a pathetically weak alliance made up of far too many socialists and wannabe communists, it is blatantly anti-semitic.  Is that really the side we want to be on?

Meanwhile, U.S. business groups have been complaining that the legislation could punish them by barring U.S. firms from doing business with any foreign firms that have commercial ties to Iran.

I call bull-s**t.  Since when did this White House care about punishing business?  For crying out loud, that’s all they’ve been doing since Obama became President!  And the businesses specifically mentioned as being punished?  Shell, Total and China Oil…the hated oil companies!  Let’s face it: the White House hates Israel so much that it’s willing to go soft on our enemies and defend the interests of the big businesses it claims to despise.  This President is a disgrace.

  1. Mary
    June 11, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    Well, there is one congressman willing to defend, not just our strongest friend but, our only friend in the Middle East. Mike Pence (don’t know from whence)[like how that rhymed?] took to the floor of the House and flat out asked Obama “Whose side are you on?” Incomprehensible. And big surprise that Turkey, who was always at least a somewhat reliable friend, has watched what Obama has been up to and has clearly thrown their lot in with the crazies. And why not? Why would Turkey befriend us? Because we are ever so loyal to our friends? Israel, ‘nuf said.

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