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Many seem confused about the Evangelicals being pro-amnesty

Religious conservatives want immigration reform

Apparently a group of evangelical leaders are in Washington D.C. meeting with Nancy Pelosi to discuss a position they share: amnesty for illegals.  Some are confused about the pro-amnesty position of so-called “conservative” evangelicals, including one of my favorite bloggers Allahpundit at Hot Air. He states,

I’m fascinated by the prospect of this blowing up into a running doctrinal debate among prominent Christian conservatives, with border enforcers on one side and holier-than-thou amnesty shills on the other trying to the answer the WWJD question.

Except … are there any prominent Christian conservative pols who oppose a “path to citizenship”?

Well A.P., while I may not be prominent (yet), I am a Christian conservative who is against amnesty.  There is some confusion out there about why Evangelicals would be pro-amnesty.  I have two potential answers.  First, the confusion can be found in the over-use of the term “Evangelical.”  It has come to describe far too many Christian denominations.  Second (and this answer/opinion will likely offend some) modern evangelicals are more interested in getting butts in the pews then they are delivering actual doctrine (that may offend someone).  It’s no coincidence that the mega-church movement has largely marched in lock-step with the rise of modern evangelicals.  Also, while evangelicals may be conservative politically, they are not necessarily conservative doctrinally.

Simply put, the Bible teaches us to follow the law of the person whom God has placed in a position of authority (with some obvious exceptions).  While I really don’t like playing the “W.W.J.D.” game, I’m willing to bet a nickel on non-citizens obeying the law and having to stand in line.  In any event, at the end of the day, Leith Anderson, president of the National Evangelical Association, has the same interest in the illegals that the politicians do: they constitute numbers.

  1. Mary
    June 9, 2010 at 10:38 PM

    Reverse missions? Instead of going out into all the world, we’ll just bring them all here. Two advantages to that. 1. No one needs to get all those shots one needs when visiting third world countries. 2. Everyone, Every Single Mega-Church Member, can have perfect church attendance, every single Sunday.

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