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The Swine Flu was Exaggerated? I, for One, am Shocked.

Reports accuse WHO of exaggerating H1N1 threat, possible ties to drug makers

You can file this in the “this would be surprising if it weren’t so expected” drawer.  Apparently two reports have been released in Europe criticizing the World Health Organization’s response to the Swine Flue, or later named H1N1.

The first report, released in Paris, came from the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe….

The second report [was the result of] a joint investigation by the BMJ [a prominent British medical journal] and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

The reports allege that the WHO exaggerated the effects of the Swing Flu and failed to disclose the possible influence of pharmaceutical companies in determining how countries should respond.  The WHO responded with the usual “we needed to be prepared,” “it was a pandemic,” “hindsight is always 20/20,” etc.

I have absolutely no idea if the reports are true.  I do know this, however: the Swine Flu was labeled as a global pandemic of epic proportions early on in the process…everyone needed vaccines…we were all going to die.  No one, except the end of the world types, really believed that the Swine Flu was going to do anything beyond what the typical flu would do.  In fact, it did less.

This is the result of a new “end of world” scenario being offered every two or three years or so.  People stop believing them.  Just sitting here, I can think of the hole in the ozone layer, the coming ice age, the bird flu, global warming, and the swine flu being marketed as world-wide catastrophes.  Nothing came of any of them.  I have no doubt that a new disaster is currently being thought up in some lab somewhere.

Yes, the swine flu was blown way out of proportion.  Anyone who witnessed the bird flu and global warming nonsense recognized it as it was happening.  Now the proof is coming out.  This may just be my Christian-ness coming out, but I don’t worry about global catastrophes.  Why?  Because the world will end when it does, not before, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.

  1. mary
    June 5, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    It is also indicative of the world in which we now live. Everything is posited in terms of desperate, extreme, never before experienced crisis. We must act now. It is more important to pass the bill than to read it. If action isn’t taken in 24 hours, the world will end, the global economy will collapse, the seas will rise, the mountains will melt and humanity will cease to exist.

    “A crisis should never go to waste.” Rahm.

    “There is nothing new under the sun.” God

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