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You’re right Ms. Noonan, he was supposed to be competent

He Was Supposed to Be Competent

By total coincidence, I read Peggy Noonan’s opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal today while working on this post.  It’s coincidence because the topic of this post is similar to hers.  Her piece is great, as usual.  You should read it, and it’s linked above.  That being said, on with my post.

President Obama’s current approval rating is currently sitting at 47% according to Gallup, and according to Rasmussen, his Presidential Approval Index is at -12.  In other words, he’s not doing well.  Is he guaranteed to lose in the next presidential election?  By no means.  But his popularity has dropped significantly since he was elected.  Now, his popularity was guaranteed to drop to a certain extent, simply because all presidents’ popularity drops.  However, his approval rating dropped unusually fast.  Why?  Since becoming President, Mr. Obama has regularly shifted between two positions: blaming others for this country’s problems and ignoring the problems altogether.  Neither of these is very becoming of a commander in chief, and it’s showing in the polls.

Blaming others has been President Obama’s most common form of avoiding responsibility.  The regular target of that blame has been President Bush.  Blaming Bush made some sense two months into his presidency.  We’re now almost sixteen months in, and the “blame Bush” routine isn’t working anymore.  Why?  While blaming Bush for the initial economic collapse may get you by, blaming him for the fact that unemployment is still sitting just shy of 10% while you tripled the national deficit is a bit much.

Then you have the oil spill.  Blaming BP is certainly fair.  But blaming Bush? This type of environmental catastrophe never happened on his watch.  Blaming him for the poor oversight of the MMS?  Maybe to support a “history of corruption” theory, but you’ve been in office for almost a year and a half and didn’t change anything, and the MMS Chief you just fired was appointed by you in the first place.  Also, let’s not forget about the 19 environmental impact waivers that were issued for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP platform exploded.

Please note, I don’t blame the federal government at all for its response to the oil spill, any more than I do for its response to Katrina.  Efficiently and effectively dealing with these sorts of disasters is certainly not in its wheelhouse.  However, the Dems are reaping what they sowed when they criticized the Katrina response.

When Obama’s not blaming Bush, he’s completely lost touch with issues the American people want dealt with.  As Ms. Noonan stated in her piece, the President has avoided the immigration issue as much as possible.  Instead, he’s spending time on issues very few people care about, like “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Even when he addresses an issue on people’s minds, he goes too far.  See: healthcare.  Nobody was denying the necessity of tweaking our healthcare system.  But the overhaul he passed was overkill, being that 80% of the American people were happy with their healthcare. The next “jump the shark” moment: cap and trade.

It’s sometimes difficult to determine where the President is coming from.  I oftentimes view him as a radical ideologue, who surrounds himself with other radical ideologues.  Other times, though, I wonder if he has any idea what he’s doing.  He’ll go one direction one minute, and then reverse course the next.  For example, I still don’t know where we’re going to try KSM.  He truly seems like a deer in the headlights much of the time, and that, more than anything, may result in him being a one-term president.

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