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John Kerry: The effects of too much time in the Senate

John Kerry Says Voter Anger at Washington Is Hypocritical

These commoners had better not touch me!

I’ve always been an advocate of term limits.  Especially for Senators.  Why?  See John Kerry.

But [John Kerry] said that the D.C.-directed attacks are hypocritical, since many of those attacking Washington spending presumably want to keep their Social Security and Medicare and want Washington to play a big role in the Gulf Oil cleanup. “There’s a huge contradiction on a daily basis,” he said.

Apparently Senator Kerry gave an interview to the Christian Science Monitor to discuss cap and trade, and ended up revealing the fact that he hasn’t left his Washington bubble in about 26 years.

“We’ve come back,” he says of the nation, Wall Street, and the economy. “This is an amazing resurgence.”

For some in Washington, I would look at this comment and inquire into their mental status.  For Senators like John Kerry, however, I actually think he believes this.  At this point, Senator Kerry is more monarch than he is elected representative, and he hasn’t been among the people that elect him in almost three decades.  He’s an absolute disgrace.  “We’ve come back?”  Tell that to the 10% unemployed.

I also find it astonishing that Senators like John Kerry are members of the so-called “party of the people.”  I would expect this kind of ignorance/arrogance from the “we only care about money” Republicans; but a Democrat?  What working class citizen trying to keep food on the table would vote for this guy?  He’s an elitist snob who is so out of touch that he thinks criticizing Washington constitutes hypocrisy when those doing the criticizing have been forced into government dependency by politicians like him.

John Kerry, I hereby boss-cock thee!

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