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Penalty for buying oil from firms with Iranian ties?

U.S. House Proposes Penalty on Firms With Iran Oil Deals

Now this sounds like a good idea.  It’s guaranteed to never amount to anything, and would require a significant change in the current administration’s stance on drilling, but it’s still a good idea.

A U.S. House committee has proposed barring the Pentagon from buying fuel from companies that do business with Iran’s energy industry—a stance that is a long shot for becoming law but that underscores U.S. lawmakers’ ongoing dissatisfaction with international efforts to slap tough sanctions on the nuclear ambitions of Tehran.

This proposal would kill two birds with one stone: it would increase sanctions on Iran while potentially being a step forward in not giving money to our enemies.  Is this as good as dropping some bombs on Iran’s nuclear facilities?  No.  But it’s better than waiting for the U.N. to do something useful.  Also, the fact that we give any money to the very people that want to blow us up has always struck me as a bit self-defeating.   Unfortunately, the proposal doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Iran, because the same people who have failed to deal with Iran to date are still in charge:

Even if the amendment makes it through the House, it is likely to face stiff opposition in the Senate and at the Pentagon, which would be forced to find alternative suppliers. Iranian oil officials have also said recently that any move by the U.S. targeting its oil exports would be viewed as an “act of war,” another reason the Pentagon and the White House are likely to look unfavorably on the House amendment.

An “act of war?”  Are they kidding? What the hell does training terrorist insurgents constitute?  How about threatening to destroy Israel?  Iran declared war on the non-Muslim world long ago.

Is concern over a war with Iran the real reason why the proposal doesn’t have a chance?  Probably not.  The real reason is probably found in too many Senators’ pockets.  Otherwise, who could reasonably be against it?

Iran is only one part of the larger problem though, and that’s our addiction to foreign oil.  We shouldn’t be sending any money to the Middle East, Venezuela, or anywhere else.  We should be drilling here.  While we drill here, we should actually be looking into supplemental forms of renewable energy.  Unfortunately, with BP being unable to shut the oil off in the Gulf of Mexico, the chances of any new wells being drilled in the foreseeable future lie somewhere between slim and none.

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