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The lunacy of the anti-gun left

Mayor Daley Threatens to Shoot the Messenger—Namely, Me

I read an interesting blog over my morning cup o’ joe by Mick Dumke at the Chicago Reader (I’ve linked the article above).  It presents Chicago king-pin, er, Mayer Daley discussing why Chicago’s gun ban is a good idea, and why pro-gun folks are nuts.  It includes a rather humorous exchange between Dumke and Daley that does an excellent job illuminating Daley’s insanity.

I’ve enjoyed watching Daley come to terms with the likely Supreme Court ruling that Chicago’s gun ban is unconstitutional.  Daley despises the “gun-rights” crowd and has always been proud of the ban.  I also think he honestly believes the ban makes Chicago streets safer, which is somewhat ironic, given Chicago’s skyrocketing murder rate.  Chicago was the murder capital of America in 2008, with 426 homicides, and has remained near the top of the list since.

I don’t think the police can be blamed for this, however.  There are only so many cops and their ability to “crack down” on known gang members is limited.  Of course, the job of the police isn’t necessarily to prevent crime, but to enforce the law after the crime occurs.  It is largely the community’s job to prevent crime, and the Chicago community has failed in this respect.  Also, Mayor Daley’s gun ban isn’t helping.  The criminals have guns, and they will continue to have them regardless of the law because, well, they’re criminals.  The law-abiding citizens of Chicago, on the other hand, don’t have them, and as a result, are relegated to bringing a knife to a gun fight.  Simply put, the gun ban is not only unconstitutional, it’s stupid, and fails to increase anyone’s safety.  Fortunately, it will likely be gone soon enough.

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