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Dems scared of own budget

Next year’s budget sinking in deep red ink

It’s a difficult choice for Democrats.  Pass a $3.8 trillion budget that will increase the deficit next year to a record $1.56 trillion and further prove that they don’t actually care about reducing debt, or fail to pass a budget that: continues the Bush tax cuts for the “middle class” while allowing them to expire for the “wealthy;” includes $282 billion for jobs; and contains billions in entitlements funding.  Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad said yesterday that hopes of passing the budget were “fading.”  The reason for the Democrats’ hesitancy is legit: passing the budget would further evidence their true feelings about debt, which will not help come November.

Of course, the Democrats will do all they can to only pass the parts of the budget that they can run on: like tax cuts and jobs spending.  The only problem is, the American public is on to them, and they know it.  While not always paying enough attention, the American people aren’t stupid.  By now, everyone knows that the Administration pushed through its enormously expensive “stimulus” bill on the assertion that without it, unemployment would exceed 8%.  Well, they passed the bill, even though a majority of America didn’t support it, and we’re currently sitting north of 9% employment.  What did all of that money buy us?  Well, nothing actually.  The Administration admits that no jobs were created as a result.  But it did give us a lot more debt.

Now they want to pass a gigantic budget, and sell it to the people with the boondoggle they call “economic stimulus?”  Are they serious?  I wasn’t an economics major, but there’s only one thing that is going to cause employers to hire new employees: sustained growth.  Company A isn’t going to hire a new employee because it may receive a government check in the mail.  Instead, it will hire a new employee when Bob, Frank, and others begin to regularly shop there again.  What will cause Bob, Frank, and others to shop there?  More money in their pockets.  What’s the easiest way for them to have more money in their pockets on a consistent basis?  How about letting them keep their own money.  Tax cuts.  Lots of ’em.  And not just for the “middle class,” but for everyone.  What’s the benefit of increasing taxes on the wealthy?  Why are the Dems so invested in class warfare?  Doesn’t everyone realize that private individuals create jobs with their spending?  Nothing is created by government spending, because the government doesn’t have any money.  Every dollar the govt. spends is taken from us.  Every dollar taken from us is a dollar not spent at Company A.  Every dollar not spent at Company A, is a dollar not going toward hiring a new employee, or a salary increase for a current employee, or re-investment.  This is simply common sense.  But liberals don’t worry about common sense.  If they did, they wouldn’t think the idea of taking my money and giving it to someone else was rational.

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