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Tea Party’s First Victim? Simply Refreshing.

May 10, 2010

I don’t listen to much conservative talk radio, because I find many of them to be over the top (I’m looking at you Beck).  Instead, during my hour and a half drive to and from work, I listen to progressive talk radio.  Why?  Because they’re nuts and it keeps me awake.

This morning, Bill Press delighted in reflecting upon Utah’s ouster of Republican incumbent Senator Bennett.  “Republicans eating their own.”  I don’t know how to analyze this assertion because I don’t know what a Republican is anymore.  Bennett’s ouster is certainly a victory for our representative democracy, however.

Senator Bennett, and other incumbents like him, was a problem; and not because he voted in favor of the bailout.  He was a problem because he was a three-term Senator.  When someone is a three-term Senator, they are no longer a representative, they are a monarch.  Senator Bennett, and others like him, are the reason why we need term limits.

Senator Bennett ignored his constituents: the people of Utah.  He was also a member of Congress who helped us arrive at our current predicament.  While not a current member of the majority, he was part of the Republican majority that led to Nancy Pelosi becoming third in line for the presidency.  Unfortunately, he, and others like him, became entrenched in Washington, and  ignored everyone except the special interest groups and lobbyists.

Neither Senator Bennett, nor any Senator, should have been able to get past two terms.  I have a difficult time believing that the Founders, them being part-time politicians, would have been in favor of the Ted Kennedy’s, and Arlen Specter’s, and the John McCain’s of America, men who have become full-time (and life-time) politicians.  These men maintain their position not because of their popularity, but because of their war-chest.

A little, or a lot, of blood-letting i government is good.  Individual Congressman have failed in representing their constituencies for too long, and hopefully the American people will wake up and take this opportunity to do their jobs: vote.

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