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Why Nashville?

May 8, 2010

If I hadn’t actually known people in Nashville, I may have never heard about the high water.  I found this to be odd, since natural disasters are very popular these days, especially when they’re used to support the existence of alleged conditions.  What’s more, I still hear about Katrina every other day.  Of course, back when it was actually happening, I heard about Katrina every thirty seconds to two minutes, depending upon my proximity to a television.  Why New Orleans and not Nashville?

Our commander in chief notwithstanding, the over-arching reason is ideas.  More specifically, the ideas of “fairness” and “social justice,” and the perception that some have been provided less of both.  This perception has resulted in several things, not the least of which are “victims.”  In other words, some events spawn human interest stories, telethons, and Brad Pitt appearances, while others do not.

This blog is about ideas.  More specifically, political and philosophical ideas that result in the creation of policy.  This country is based upon certain unambiguous ideas.  These ideas are grounded in centuries of idea experimentation.  “Fairness,” an ideal trumpeted by progressives, however, was not among them.  Modern liberalism is the antithesis of this nation’s founding principles because it is the antithesis of freedom.  There can be no question that this nation is under assault by those who identify themselves as liberals and progressives, and that they are winning.  Examples are everywhere, and Nashville is such an example.

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